Essay On Environment and Human Health In English For Student And Children

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English Everything on this earth is related. Nothing exists in isolation, and everything affects everything else. We need to comprehend the relationship between our environment and health in light of the growing and pressing worries about climate change.

Environment and Human Health

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English (100 Words)

Environment’s Effects on Health

The disadvantage of health-related environmental research or environment-related health studies is that they tend to focus on particular allergic, infectious, or poisonous substances, especially in the West. They are not concentrating on more general issues that also address psychological and social effects.

According to some researchers, it’s critical to consider how the environment of the subjects of a study may affect their health. The fact that there are health disparities based on geography is evidence of such impact. In actuality, both the social and physical environment have an impact on health.

The presence of green spaces and people’s mental health are directly related, according to additional studies; the closer a person is to a green space, the better their mental health.

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English (200 Words)

The state of being in terms of the mental, bodily, and social facets of the human situation is referred to as being in good health. A person must be in good health in all respects in order to be considered healthy; one cannot just be considered healthy because of the absence of disease.

Our health is influenced by a variety of elements, including biological, dietary, psychological, and chemical ones. Both internal and external conditions have the potential to affect these variables. Our environment has the greatest external impact on our health.

Climate Change and Human Health

Although it plays a significant role, our environment also includes the water we drink, the soil where our food is grown, and the sounds and noises that surround us. It is not just the air we breathe that counts. Each component influences us and, consequently, our health. Our air supply is full of harmful compounds that increase the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and asthma due to emissions from vehicles, industry, and fires. The chemicals on the food we consume can cause cancer in humans and reduce soil fertility. The human body requires water to survive, but our water supplies are contaminated with industrial and human wastes, which has major negative health effects.


We must always keep in mind that we must coexist well with our surroundings. It will return to us what we put out into it. The world will soon cease to be a habitable planet if we don’t act now.

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English (300 Words)

The instinct of humans has always been to dominate their environment. We enjoy subduing and moulding our surroundings as though we are superior and they are beneath us. But the truth is that for our future survival, humans are just as reliant on the ecosystem as any other animal on the planet. So, when we hurt the environment, we also harm ourselves.

the environment and health

Our environment has an impact on our physical, mental, and social health. Everything we contribute to the ecology eventually returns to us. The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink all recirculate the toxins we release into this environment. We get rid of these pollutants because they are bad for us, so it makes sense that if we accidentally consume them later, they will still be bad for us.

This has been giving people problems for a while now. Because the chemicals kill the pests that could ruin the crops, we apply pesticides on our food crops. When we eat the food, the chemicals still linger on it and can cause everything from cancer to skin issues. The chemicals also make the soil less fertile, resulting in a less abundant harvest the next year.

Similar to this, we dump industrial and human trash into whatever body of water is readily nearby. However, we also use the same bodies of water for drinking. Diseases including diarrhoea, dysentery, lead poisoning, polio, and arsenicosis are caused by water contamination, among others. All of the gaseous pollutants that are produced by our activities harm the air as well. These pollutants, which range from emissions from cars and factories to the smoke from fires, lead to lung cancer as well as respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis.


Although environmental scientists have been sounding the alarm for some time, the situation is now dire. Unchecked human behaviour has harmed the ecology, and some of that harm is now irreparable. The earth will soon become inhabitable if we don’t step up to the task.

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English (400 Words)

The WHO defines “human health” as a condition of whole physical, mental, and social well-being, not just the absence of illness and infirmity. This wellbeing is influenced by both internal and environmental causes; it does not occur in a vacuum. Issues with the human body, such as immunological inadequacies, hormone abnormalities, and genetic or congenital illnesses, are considered internal causes.

There are three main categories of health risks associated with external factors: physical, chemical, and biological. Physical risks include things like noise pollution, heavy metals, pesticides, carbon monoxide, and CFCs. Chemical risks include things like industrial effluents, heavy metals, and pesticides.

This demonstrates the reality that environmental influences have a significant impact on human health and are largely a product of human activity. Everything we release into the environment eventually comes back to us.

Environmental Influences on Human Health

Since our ability to exist depends entirely on the environment, it is safe to assume that any changes to the environment will have an effect on people’s quality of life. However, the true relationship between these two is more nuanced and difficult to analyse than we initially thought. Deteriorating water quality, air pollution, and unclean conditions have had the most noticeable effects. The effects of radiation exposure on human health are also fatal.

A general effort to clean up our ecology has been made in response to these problems. While certain nations, mostly in the developed world, have found success with it, the developing nations of the world have not fully embraced it. Countries have been able to resolve some of the more pressing issues through bilateral and multilateral agreements, such as the release of CFCs into the atmosphere and the harm they do to the ozone layer.

The business world is likewise looking to “green” solutions to reduce its carbon footprint. Many issues, such as biodiversity, which sees an average of one species go extinct every day, are still unresolved and spiralling out of control. Additionally, it is getting harder and harder to keep enough food on hand to prevent world hunger.


We are simply too integrated with our environment to be resistant to the impacts of any changes to it. The issue is that we aren’t motivated to make significant changes because the connection between health and environment is complex; instead, we wait for indisputable proof. It might already be too late by the time we do receive it.

Essay On Environment and Human Health In English (500 Words)

We are conscious of the numerous intricate threads that connect us to our surroundings. Our awareness of how our actions affect the environment and how they affect our health has already begun to grow. The converse is also true: while a poor environment might be detrimental to human health, a good environment can actually promote it.

unwholesome surroundings A Life of Illness

According to a report released jointly by the United Nations Environment Programme, the WHO, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Stockholm, Rotterdam, and Basel conventions, as well as the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, in 2012 alone, 12.6 million people died as a result of illnesses brought on by environmental pollution. The UNEP believes that 25% of all human diseases are caused by environmental deterioration.

The Effects of Environmental Pollution

The elderly, the young, the poor, women, migrant workers, and those who are female are among the groups who are more susceptible to the impacts of environmental pollution, according to study. Environmental pollution may affect everyone, but some groups are more at risk than others. Furthermore, due to overcrowding, an excess of animals, and the resulting environmental impact, diseases like Ebola, Zika, and SARS are surfacing and spreading every few months.

Having a healthy ecology is crucial for halting the development of these diseases. While combating these diseases, such ecosystems can also promote economic growth, poverty reduction, less hazards to human health, and the assurance that resources won’t run out.

State of Mind

Numerous research on mental health have found a link between being in nature and having excellent mental health. According to these research, the proximity of green space is associated with a decrease in the signs of anxiety and sadness as well as decreasing stress levels. In actuality, it was seen that people’s mental health had improved after moving to greener metropolitan areas.

the effects of water contamination

Another instance of how environmental pollution negatively impacts people in lower socioeconomic brackets is this one. 58 percent of instances of diarrhoea occur in nations with middle- to low-income levels and are related to the lack of access to clean water. About 3.5 million deaths each year are attributable to contaminated water, bad hygiene, and poor sanitation. Around 25% of kids under the age of 14 also pass away prematurely due to them.

Resolution Strategy

Based on the link between deteriorating environmental conditions and poor human health, there are a number of areas that need immediate attention. To name a few of them:

Disease outbreaks, a lack of food, and natural disasters are more likely to be brought on by damaged ecosystems and stressed natural systems on earth.
The root causes of fatal diseases, poor mental health, and even severe economic productivity losses include inadequate sanitation, insufficient hygiene, and contaminated water.
Non-communicable diseases are being spread as a result of poor diet and declining levels of physical exercise.

A healthy environment inevitably results in healthy inhabitants. Not that disease and starvation will disappear completely, but their occurrences will decline and fewer people will die from them each year.