Essay On Environment and Development In English For Student And Children

Essay On Environment and Development In English Development and the environment are linked. Development cannot be thought of without taking the environment into account. If the environment is neglected while concentrating on development, this will have a further negative effect.

Environment and Development

Essay On Environment and Development In English

Essay On Environment and Development In English (100 Words)

Conservation of the environment and sustainable development

Protection of natural resources and environmentally friendly living are two processes that go into environmental conservation. The term “environment” refers to the link between humans and natural resources like air, water, and land. In a larger sense, it also includes things like soil, forests, minerals, and fossil fuels. Trees aid in preventing soil erosion brought on by rain or flooding. They are required to clean the air as well.

Water is essential for agriculture, the survival of living things including plants and animals, and production across a variety of industries, in addition to human use. The soil is essential for both purifying water and producing nourishment for all living things. In order to prevent pollution, it is necessary to protect trees, soil, and all water sources.

Essay On Environment and Development In English (200 Words)

The process of development is ongoing and persistent. Every change, though, has both favourable and unfavourable effects. The environment is equally vital, even though development is done for the benefit of the population. Without taking the environment into account, development may have a negative effect on the environment. The resident will then suffer negative consequences as a result of this.

Development versus the Environment

Environment does not just refer to physical surroundings. The term “environment” refers to the air, water, and land as well as how these elements interact with people. Development and the environment cannot be at odds. They ought to support one another. The earth will soon become uninhabitable if all of its resources are used without regard for their preservation for future generations to enjoy.

Large tracts of land are acquired for a country’s development, which necessitates the removal of trees. Again, due to industrialization, non-renewable resources like minerals, water, and fossil fuels are depleted more quickly than they can be supplied. The effects of resource depletion and global warming on people prevent them from enjoying the advantages of development.


Environmental protection is required in order to completely benefit from development. Even though this reality has been overlooked in favour of growth, there has been a recent rise in human awareness. We can all benefit from progress for a very long time if we give the environment the attention it deserves.

Essay On Environment and Development In English (300 Words)

Growth in the economy and the environment are linked. On the one hand, a country’s economic development has an impact on the environment. The deterioration of environmental resources will also have an impact on economic expansion. Environmental regulations can make the most of both environmental preservation and economic development.

Economic Development and the Environment

A country’s economic development is crucial for its growth. A country is deemed developed if it offers its citizens enough job opportunities, enabling them to live better lives free from poverty. This kind of growth aids in eliminating wealth disparity. A country’s increased economic growth also boosts tax collections and lowers government spending on welfare programmes connected to unemployment and poverty.

An significant factor in a country’s economic development is its environment. Production in various industries has a big impact on how a country develops. Natural resources from the environment, such as water, fossil fuels, minerals, soils, etc., are required for production in a number of industries. The environment, however, absorbs the pollutants brought on by production. A lack of resources in the environment may result from the usage of resources for manufacturing.

Resources will be of poor quality due to the ongoing process of resource use and the rising rate of environmental contamination. In consequence, this will not only affect the standard of the product but also have a number of detrimental health effects on both the production workers and the residents for whom the product is being produced or developed.


Long-term economic advantages depend on giving conservation of natural resources the same priority as economic growth. The cycle of development will continue as long as there is a suitable balance between environmental protection and economic growth, benefiting not only the present generation but also future generations.

Essay On Environment and Development In English (400 Words)

The three pillars of economic, environmental, and social sustainability are the cornerstones of sustainable development. When we talk about environmental sustainability, we’re talking about the worry about things like air, water, and climate. Adopting actions or policies that will aid in maintaining the environmental resources, which would not only satisfy the needs of the current generation but also those of future generations, is a crucial component of sustainable development.

Green Development and the Environment

The Brundtland Commission’s definition, published in 1987, is where the idea of sustainable development originated. According to the expression, sustainable development refers to the kind of growth that satisfies the demands of the present generation while also conserving enough resources for the needs of future generations. Leading figures from around the world included these objectives as Sustainable Development Goals at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. There are:

worldwide eradication of all forms of poverty.
encouraging full employment and quality work for all while fostering long-term economic growth
gender equality must be attained, and women must be empowered.
conserving water resources and ensuring universal access to sanitation
encouraging everyone, no matter their age, to live healthy lives.
encouraging opportunities for everyone to learn throughout their lives.
fostering sustainable farming and supplying wholesome food to everyone.
minimising inequality within and between nations.
creating human settlements that are secure and long-lasting for everyone.
Keep water resources protected for long-term development.
renewing the international collaboration for sustainable development.
the introduction of sustainable production and consumption patterns.
renewable energy is available to everyone.
encouraging innovation and constructing a sustainable industrialization
implementing climate change mitigation strategies.
Stop soil erosion and restore the terrestrial ecosystems and forests.
building of competent and effective institutions at all levels to provide justice for everyone.
To reduce poverty, combat inequality and injustice, and address climate change by 2030, the aforementioned sustainable goals were set. These objectives are established to guarantee that future generations can profit from the fruits of development and use natural resources to meet their own requirements.


Carrying capacity and the notion of sustainability are related. Environment deterioration would result if natural resources were used up more quickly than they were being replenished. As a result, the population may decline to the point where there aren’t enough natural resources to support the population as it is. The population should therefore place equal emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Essay On Environment and Development In English (500 Words)

The goal of sustainable development is to protect the environment so that even after the present generation has used the resources to meet their requirements, there will still be enough for future generations. In fact, it continued for many generations after that. The environment must be maintained if sustainable growth is to continue.

Environmental preservation and sustainable development

Global warming and the loss of natural resources are two of the contemporary environmental challenges. Global warming is the permanent alteration of the earth’s temperature caused by industrial pollution, environmental deterioration, greenhouse gas emissions, and ozone layer loss, which results in a reduction in the total amount of ozone in the stratosphere. Scientists have established that the earth’s temperature is rising, and if the appropriate measures are not done, the situation will worsen and have much more detrimental effects on the ecosystem and human health.

Natural resource depletion is yet another serious issue. Because of the overcrowding, the earth’s natural resources are being used up faster than they can be restored. Due to low agricultural production rates brought on by global warming and the subsequent depletion of natural resources, the world’s population will soon confront both a food scarcity and a lack of resources needed to carry out any development processes.

Chemicals are employed to boost agricultural product production in order to address the shortfall. This has a negative impact on people’s health in addition to lowering soil value. The people of the globe will face major problems if the process continues. The ecosystem and resources of the world have suffered several injuries over the years. There is hope that if essential actions and precautions are done to protect the ecosystem, a far worse scenario could be delayed, if not entirely prevented.

Forests and wetlands need to be protected if we want to slow down global warming. It is best to avoid felling trees unless it is absolutely required. In these situations, it is necessary to plant as many trees as you can. A significant portion of the population can protect the environment with only one action. The preservation of wildlife, biodiversity, and natural resources is also crucial. In addition, every everyone on the planet should do their share to stop the ozone layer from being destroyed.

The primary ozone-depleting compounds are frequently found in air conditioners, fire extinguishers, and freezers. The refrigerants hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) are widely used in refrigerators and air conditioners. These are significant factors in the ozone layer’s depletion on the globe.

Therefore, it’s crucial to avoid using items that contain HCFC and CFC refrigerants. Additionally, it is a good idea to stay away from aerosol products that employ HCFC and CFC propellants. In addition to all of the aforementioned actions, precautions should be made to reduce carbon emissions.


Environmental protection measures must be adopted in order for sustainable growth to proceed. The ultimate objective of sustainable development is to benefit both the current population and future generations. Therefore, environmental protection is a crucial stage towards sustainable development.