Essay On Elephant In English For Student And Children

Essay On Elephant In English The largest land animal with distinguishable body parts is an elephant. Elephants don’t have noses like other mammals do; instead, they breathe through a lengthy trunk. They have enormous fan-like ears and tusks, which are long, expanded teeth. They are frequently referred to as “tuskers” because to their distinctive tusks.

Elephants are wild animals, but people have domesticated them to carry out primarily arduous duties. Elephants are trained to undertake demanding jobs because of their enormous body parts, which provide them a physical advantage over humans. Elephants have a unique social structure that shows concern, love, and compassion for the family members.


Essay On Elephant In English

Essay On Elephant In English (100 Words)

Elephants are enormous creatures. It is a forest animal that also serves as a pet. Some individuals raise it as a pet at home in order to profit from the circus. It is also kept in the zoo to draw children’s attention and increase the zoo’s prestige. Its large body is supported by four pillar-like legs, two fan-like ears, a long trunk, a short tail, and two small eyes. A male elephant has two tusks, which are long, white teeth. It can consume grains, soft green plants, soft leaves, etc. It serves as a source of income, carries large weights, and other tasks that make it a very useful animal to humans and a reliable friend. It can survive for up to 100 years and has a long lifespan.

Essay On Elephant In English (200 Words)

The largest land mammal is the elephant. Although it lives in the wild, it can be trained to become a pet. It may be taller than eight feet. Strong pillar-like legs support its large, massive body. It uses its long stem to assist in consuming leaves, plants, fruits, or trees. On land, there are typically two types of elephants: African (scientific name: Loxodonta africana) and Asian (scientific name is Elephas maximus).

Its large hanging ears resemble fans, and its legs resemble pillars. It has two tusks on each side of a lengthy trunk that is connected to its mouth. Elephants have a strong, flexible trunk that serves a variety of functions. The elephant uses it for fighting, eating, breathing, washing, and other activities.

Elephants from Africa are slightly larger and have darker skin than those from Asia. They also have ears that are larger. In countries like India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Siam, elephants are rather widespread. They typically like to live in herds and grow to love the water. They are proficient swimmers. Since they are herbivorous animals, they rely on forest plants to provide them with the nourishment they need. Due to food shortages in the forest or deforestation, they relocate to settlements and other residential areas. It is regarded as a clever creature that offers many advantages to man.

Essay On Elephant In English (300 Words)

An enormous wild animal called an elephant lives in a jungle. Although it is pretty ugly, kids often appreciate it. It is known as a royal animal and has a large, massive physique. It may be taller than ten feet. It has extremely hard skin and is a gritty, dark grey colour. It is also available in white in other nations. It can feed, breathe, bathe, and lift large objects with the assistance of its long, flexible trunk. Two enormous ears on it hang like large fans. It has four sturdy legs that resemble pillars. In the jungles of India (Assam, Mysore, Tripura, etc.), Ceylon, Africa, and Burma, elephants can be found. In the jungle, elephants prefer to dwell in large herds that are headed by a powerful male elephant.

It is an extremely helpful animal to humanity both during its lifetime and after. All across the world, priceless items are made from its numerous bodily parts. Elephant tusks and bones are used to create hooks for bangle bracelets, combs, knife handles, brushes, and other elegant items. It has a long lifespan of 150 to 200 years. The cost of keeping an elephant at home is prohibitive for the average person.
It has a fairly peaceful disposition, yet when teased, it can become quite enraged and violent, capable of destroying things and even killing people. It is regarded as an intelligent and obedient animal since, after training, it recognises every cue from the keeper. It faithfully obeys its master till death.

Elephants come in two varieties: African and Indian. Elephants in Africa are far larger than those in India. African elephants have two tips at the end of their trunks and tusks with wrinkled grey skin. Elephants from India or Asia have a humped back and a single tip on the end of their trunk, making them much smaller than elephants from Africa.

Essay On Elephant In English (400 Words)

An elephant is the world’s largest mammal, incredibly intelligent, and submissive. It can be found in Asia and Africa. It is typically seen in grey, but is white in Thailand. Male elephants often live alone, whereas female elephants typically live in herds. Elephants can live for over a century. Although they are frequently seen in zoos and circuses, they typically reside in jungles. They can reach heights of about 11 feet and weights of about 13,000 pounds. The tallest elephant ever recorded was 13 feet tall and weighed 24,000 pounds. A single elephant can consume 400 pounds of food and 30 gallons of liquid each day.

Elephant skin can grow to reach an inch thick, but it is extremely delicate. Over a great distance of about five miles, they can hear each other’s sound. Male elephants begin living alone once they reach adulthood, whereas females dwell in groups (oldest female of a group called as matriarch). Elephants have weak eyesight despite their intelligence, superior hearing, and keen sense of smell.

Children find elephants to be particularly alluring due to their unusual features, which include two enormous ears, two big tusks (about 10 feet long), four legs that resemble pillars, a huge trunk, a huge torso, two small eyes, and a short tail. Tusks are thought to continue to grow throughout an animal’s life. Trunk is used for eating, drinking, bathing, breathing, smelling, carrying objects, etc. Elephants are thought to be exceptionally intelligent animals who never forget anything that happens to them. They speak to one another in extremely low tones.

Calf refers to an elephant’s young. Elephants are considered mammals because they give birth to young and nurse them with milk. Inside of its mother’s womb, a young elephant may take close to 20 to 22 months to fully mature. No other animal’s embryo develops so slowly before birth. Every four to five years, a mother elephant gives birth to a single youngster. A baby weighing 120 kg and standing 85 cm tall is born to them. It takes an infant elephant at least a year to learn how to use its trunk. A young elephant can consume up to 10 litres of milk per day. Elephants face extinction risk due to factors including their size, highly sought-after ivory tusks, hunting, etc. To keep them available on the planet, they must be safeguarded.