Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English For Student And Children

Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English On October 31, 2015, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a well-known politician and India’s first deputy prime minister, celebrated his 140th birthday. To commemorate this milestone, the then-prime minister Sri Narendra Modi announced “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.” The programme aims to build social cohesion among India’s various cultural groups. By conducting cultural exchange programmes, it places emphasis on interstate harmony and fraternity, interstate harmony with Union Territories, or interdistrict harmony.

Music, health, gastronomy, dance, art, sculpture, and handicrafts are just a few of the subjects that “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” is founded on. The “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Scheme” also includes a number of other initiatives in addition to cultural exchange programmes, such as the translation of best-selling novels into multiple languages, planning culinary events, and broadcast programme exchange between partner states.

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat


Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English

Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English (100 Words)

The Indian government is in the process of announcing Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat as a fresh and successful programme. On Rashtriya Ekta Divas, the 31st of October 2015—the anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth—Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi announced the start of this new programme.

This programme seeks to strengthen India’s national unity by leveraging the cultural ties that already exist across the various regions of the nation. It also intends to enhance communication between Indians who reside in various locations around the nation. People will be connected through this programme, which will significantly increase India’s sense of unity.

Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English (200 Words)

In order to strengthen India’s unity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed a new programme called EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat that would soon be unveiled. A nationwide network of connections is being established through this programme, which is now being deployed. On October 31, 2015, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s birthday, the Prime Minister said this programme would be started during his Rashtriya Ekta Divas speech. This is done to start cross-cultural relationships among the various regions of the nation. This project aims to foster ties between the various states of the union while also highlighting their shared cultural heritage.

Through this programme, residents of one state will gain a thorough grasp of the customs, traditions, and other customs of neighbouring states. This will develop interpersonal ties and increase understanding among citizens, which will maintain and preserve India’s unity and integrity. EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat contest was launched to learn about the opinions and thoughts of various individuals around the nation in order to increase the effectiveness of this programme. On the government website, citizens are invited to provide their opinions, thoughts, and proposals for how to best build the programme to be successful in all of its endeavours.

Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English (300 Words)

On the eve of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s 140th birthday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the launch of a new programme called Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (31st of October 2015). India is a nation renowned for its harmony, peace, and unity around the world. Therefore, this project is an endeavour by the government to strengthen the nation’s unity, peace, and harmony by bringing people together.

In order to push the nation’s development to new heights, it is a crucial task that must be completed. This programme aims to improve the nation’s peace and harmony by bringing people together. The following are some details about this plan:

A programme that will connect every state in this nation to another state annually and promote each other’s history, including culture, tradition, language, etc., is scheduled to be introduced very soon.
With the states’ input, groups have been formed to work efficiently on the plan.
This programme planned to begin with a special cooperation between two states for a year, during which time there would be student and cultural exchanges.
Students from both states will visit one another’s states to learn about the local customs, traditions, and languages.
The EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat contest was established on November 29, 2015, to make this scheme more effective. In order to make this programme work, the government of India reportedly wants opinions, comments, and better ideas from the general public. People can contribute their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions on “” to the deadline of December 10th, 2015.
On October 31, 2015, Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, announced the launch of a new programme called EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat during his speech at Rashtriya Ekta Divas. The government of India is preparing to introduce this new programme in an effort to strengthen the bonds of cultural affinity that already exist throughout the nation’s various regions.

Essay On Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat In English (400 Words)

On the occasion of Rashtriya Ekta Divas, which was held on October 31, 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed a programme (the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel). The program’s name is EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, and it will soon be implemented with the goal of enhancing and enriching the nation’s culture and traditions. The government of India will begin a new project to strengthen the ties between the various regions of the nation, according to the prime minister. By fostering interaction between people from many states, it aims to bring people closer together.

According to this plan, two states in the nation would connect annually and promote each other’s rich cultural history through activities including song festivals, cuisine festivals, literary events, book festivals, tours, and travel, among other things. Both states will connect to the other two states pursuing the same objective the following year. This is how you educate people about the various states’ cultures, traditions, and customs across the nation. This would strengthen interpersonal relationships and good communication as well as India’s unity and integrity.

Before putting this proposal into action, the Indian government has chosen to solicit feedback from Indian residents. To gather opinions and suggestions from the public, the EK Bharat Shreshtha Bharat contest has been established. On the government portal, citizens can immediately contribute their thoughts and proposals (including methods to build a programme to make it effective in multiple aspects) ( The Indian government has provided a few topics and sub-themes to assist individuals in developing their ideas and proposals in depth and in the appropriate direction. Before writing and submitting original and creative thoughts, perspectives, and suggestions, citizens might use the following topics and sub-themes as a foundation:

“Determining the central government’s and state governments’ roles in carrying out the programme.”
“Determining the means by which the public, private, and civil sectors can collaborate.”
specifying the use of social media and other contemporary communication technologies.
“Recording of success stories.”
Making “Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat” a movement of the people as opposed to a government initiative.
According to the PM, creative and original ideas that are thoroughly articulated will be valued more and receive higher marks. PDF files can be used to submit details. The government also announced cash awards for first (Rs. 100,000), second (Rs. 75,000), and third (Rs. 50,000) in order to entice more people to participate in this programme. Citizens have until December 10, 2015, to contribute information about their opinions and thoughts.