Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English For Student And Children

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English Deforestation is the term used to describe the clearing of forested regions in order to use them for industrial, urban, and agricultural reasons. Both humans and animals are harmed by deforestation. Our ecology is being negatively impacted by deforestation in different ways. Our forests are crucial to maintaining a clean, green environment. They house wildlife and supply the oxygen necessary for life. It is quite concerning that these are being cut down quickly in the name of development.

Effects of Deforestation

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English (100 Words)

Worldwide Warming
The oxygen found in trees is abundant. They clean the environment by exhaling the life-giving oxygen and absorbing the dangerous gases. Through the process of photosynthesis, they specifically maintain a balance in the amount of carbon in the environment. Cutting down trees more and more will disrupt the carbon cycle.

Earth Erosion
Soil erosion happens when a large number of trees are cut down because their roots hold the soil in place. Significant soil erosion has been brought on by deforestation worldwide, particularly in the last few decades. Numerous issues are caused by soil erosion. The soil is carried to the rivers by heavy rain that falls on the cut forests. The irrigation process is hampered by this. Additionally, it raises the river bed, which worsens the danger of flooding. In addition, the buildup of silt in the rivers harms the fish eggs.

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English (200 Words)

Deforestation refers to the clearing of forests, which are home to a variety of animals, plants, and significant amounts of oxygen-producing trees.

Around the world, people are destroying forests for a variety of reasons. Utilizing the land for agriculture is one of the primary reasons for clearing large forest tracts. To meet the needs of the populace, more crops must be grown as a result of population growth. Only if we have adequate land for cultivation is this feasible. We humans are clearing the forests in an effort to develop the agricultural industry and satisfy public demand. Additionally, forests are being cleared for the construction of towns and cities, as well as for the establishment of workplaces and factories.

More specifically, we are destroying the stunning natural environment and transforming it into a concrete jungle. When we damage the environment, we interfere with the natural cycles of things like the water cycle, the carbon cycle, and the eco system. Our climate and biodiversity are the two key issues caused by deforestation. Due to the destruction of their habitats caused by deforestation, many species of plants and animals are going extinct.

We need to stop deforestation and reflect on its negative effects on the ecosystem.

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English (300 Words)

Deforestation, or the act of removing forest land for other uses, is a global issue that is becoming more and more problematic. Numerous environmental issues have resulted from it. Among these include the extinction of wildlife, effects on biodiversity, climate change, global warming, and water cycle effects.

Deforestation is the main contributor to climate change.

Deforestation has interfered with the carbon and water cycles, contributing to climate change, which is in turn producing countless issues for both people and wildlife.

One of the requirements for human living is oxygen, which is released by plants and trees when they inhale carbon dioxide. Additionally, trees remove other dangerous gases from the air, cleaning it. Large numbers of trees are being lost as a result of deforestation, which in turn causes a rise in carbon dioxide and dangerous gases like methane in the atmosphere. This has made a substantial contribution to global warming.

Additionally, forests are important in controlling the water cycle. The water cycle is disrupted as a result of ongoing forest clearing, which causes unpredictable rainfall in various areas.

Deforestation: A Source of Environmental Discord

Deforestation also contributes to environmental imbalance by negatively harming biodiversity. For many different species of plants and animals, forests provide a secure environment. The habitat of these helpless creatures is being harmed by the clearing of forest lands. Because to habitat loss and food shortage, several species of animals and plants are perishing every day. Rich biodiversity must continue to exist on our planet for the ecology to be in balance. Thus, deforestation is causing an environmental imbalance.


Our environment is being damaged by deforestation in various ways. It is past time for humanity to grasp the gravity of the situation and take action to stop deforestation. Future generations will suffer greatly if we do not put a stop to this right away since our environment will continue to deteriorate.

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English (400 Words)

The term “biodiversity,” also referred to as “biological diversity,” refers to the significance of preserving a wide range of flora and animals on Earth as a whole as well as in various areas and ecosystems. This contributes significantly to the food chain and aids in maintaining environmental harmony. Numerous plant and animal species that depend on one another for a variety of purposes and help to sustain peace on Earth were created by God. However, this natural law is being bent by man. Many of these species are being exterminated as a result of various human actions. One such human activity that has had a significant influence on biodiversity is deforestation.

Deforestation’s effects on biodiversity

For peaceful coexistence, plants and animals need a specific environment and climate. Numerous plant and animal species can be found in forests as ecosystems. The biodiversity is impacted when forest area is cleared because it removes the safe haven for the wild animals that reside there. While some of them relocate to other environments to survive, others fail to shift with the environment and go extinct. The food chain is negatively impacted when different plant and animal species disappear due to deforestation. Animals that eat plants have a difficult time finding food on cleared soil. They often die of starvation. This has an effect on the carnivores who depend on the flesh of the herbivores. The carnivorous are also unable to obtain the necessary nutrition since herbivorous creatures are going extinct or starving. Therefore, these wild animals are devoid of both their habitat and food.

Deforestation caused the extinction of wild animals.

According to statistics, 80 percent of all creatures and plants on the planet live in forests. Thus, a large number of species are being negatively impacted by deforestation, which negatively impacts biodiversity. According to researchers, more than a hundred animal species go extinct every single day. In the next twenty years, around 10% of animal species will become extinct if humans do not stop deforestation.


So, it is clear that deforestation has had a significant impact on biodiversity. Without any restraint, man is destroying God’s exquisite creations in order to fulfil his needs and improve his quality of life. He doesn’t understand how his actions are hurting biodiversity and upsetting the balance of the biosphere on Earth. Our world won’t be suitable for the survival of humans and other living things in the future if the deforestation process keeps going at current rate.

Essay On Effects of Deforestation In English (500 Words)

When man turned to agriculture instead of hunting to sate his need, deforestation began centuries ago. For agricultural land, forests had to be cut down. But back then, it didn’t really threaten the ecosystem. Due to a number of factors, the necessity for deforestation has grown significantly over time. One of the main causes of deforestation is the swift rise in population.

The forests are being cleared and converted into agricultural land and residential colonies in order to meet the requirements of the expanding population. Another factor contributing to deforestation is the development of technology. New industries are opening up and new goods are being produced. Deforestation is carried out to make room for these sectors as well as to produce different plant- and tree-based goods. The hardest impacted group by deforestation is the wildlife.

Deforestation’s Effect on Wildlife

The effects of deforestation on wildlife are as follows:

Changing Habitat
Various types of plants and animals can be found in forests. The habitat of wild animals is destroyed when forests are cleared. Numerous wild animals and birds have lost their home as a result of deforestation. It is unfortunate that man is destroying the habitat of defenceless creatures in an effort to construct his own home.

Animal extinction in the wild
Most animals and birds need a specific environment and location to live comfortably. If placed in an unfamiliar habitat, they are unable to adjust and develop a number of ailments. Many wild animals haven’t been able to survive because of habitat destruction. Due to deforestation, several animal species have become extinct and others are battling to live.

Flora extinction
It is regrettable that we have lost many species of lovely trees and plants that enhanced the beauty of our planet. In the forests, many plant species can only be found where the climate and soil are right. Thus, many of these species have become extinct as a result of deforestation.

Deforestation has had a negative impact on biodiversity. Many animals rely on specific birds, insects, plants, and other animals for their food, and the extinction of these species has caused many of them to go hungry. Many wild creatures are struggling to obtain food and are starving to death as a result.

an increase in human-wildlife conflict
Many wild animals go to other greener locations to live as forests are removed to develop residential or industrial areas, but some types of animals roam about in the surrounding areas and are frequently spotted invading the residential areas. As a result, there are now more instances of confrontation between people and wildlife, which is detrimental to both. They each continue to live in constant terror of the other attacking them.


As a result of deforestation, it is possible to declare that numerous kinds of wild animals and plants have suffered. More have contracted diseases, while still others have become extinct. Some of them have lost their homes. They are enduring torture at the hands of people while having done nothing wrong. By limiting deforestation, we must put an end to this cruelty toward animals.