Essay On Drought In English For Student And Children

Essay On Drought In English When there have been no rains for a protracted period of time, a drought has occurred. Droughts are frequent occurrences across much of the nation. The effects of this disorder are severe and frequently permanent. The phenomenon known as drought occurs when certain regions of the world go without rain for weeks, sometimes even the entire season. There are a number of factors that lead to deadly drought-like conditions in various regions.


Essay On Drought In English

Essay On Drought In English (100 Words)

Drought, a situation where some areas experience water scarcity as a result of little to no rainfall, has contributed to a number of issues in India. While certain regions of the nation experience drought on a recurring basis, others only do so rarely. The lives of the people who live in the afflicted areas as well as the general health of the ecosystem are severely impacted by drought, which is brought on by a number of factors including deforestation, global warming, and a lack of appropriate surface water.

India’s Drought-Prone Areas

Drought affects many areas of the nation every year. According to statistics, 12% of the country’s population lives in around a sixth of its total land area, which is prone to drought.

Essay On Drought In English (200 Words)

Global warming, deforestation, and a variety of other human activities are just a few of the factors that contribute to drought, which is characterised by a lack of rain or little rain in a specific area over an extended period of time. This climatic situation could have severe effects on both the environment and living things. Crop failure, financial loss, price hikes, and soil deterioration are a few repercussions of drought.

A drought that has affected several Indian states has caused widespread agricultural devastation and disrupted social order. Even famines that resulted in several individuals starving to death have occurred in several areas. The Indian government has developed a number of drought relief measures in response to the difficulties people in these areas are facing, but much more work has to be done to address this issue and its consequences.

Some of the solutions put out in this area include rainwater collection, water recycling and reuse, deforestation control, seawater desalination, cloud seeding, increasing plant and tree growth, and reducing overall water waste. However, if the general populace does not support the cause, the majority of these cannot be accomplished. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to help solve the situation.

Essay On Drought In English (300 Words)

Lack of rainfall is the primary cause of drought, which leads to a water deficit. For individuals residing in the drought-affected areas, the situation is challenging and potentially fatal. Due of the destruction of their crops, farmers are particularly cursed by it. Continuous drought-like conditions also cause the soil to lose some of its fertility.

Reasons for Drought

Drought is caused by a variety of variables. Here is a detailed look at these reasons:

According to some sources, one of the main reasons for the lack of rainfall that causes drought is deforestation. To prevent water from evaporating, store enough water on the land, and encourage rainfall, there must be an enough number of trees and other vegetation. The ecology has been significantly out of balance as a result of deforestation and the construction of concrete buildings in their place. It promotes evaporation and decreases the soil’s ability to retain water. Low rainfall is a result of both of these.

Low Flow of Surface Water
In many parts of the world, rivers and lakes are the primary sources of surface water. Drought results from the water in these sources drying up during very hot summers or because surface water is used for a variety of human activities.

Worldwide Warming
Everyone is aware of how global warming harms the environment. Evaporation has increased as a result of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause the earth’s temperature to rise, among other problems. The drought condition is made worse by wildfires, which are another result of high temperatures.

In addition to these, excessive irrigation contributes to drought because it removes surface water.


Despite the fact that abuse of water resources and other unfriendly human activities are the main causes of drought and are widely recognised as such, little is being done to address this issue. It is time for the governments of various nations to work together to resolve this issue on a global scale.

Essay On Drought In English (400 Words)

A region experiences drought when it receives little or less rainfall than typical, which causes a water deficit, agricultural failure, and interruption of daily operations. Drought is a result of a number of variables, including global warming, deforestation, and building construction.

Different Droughts

While some regions are characterised by a complete lack of rain for an extended length of time, others receive less precipitation than is typical, while still others may experience drought for a portion of the year – As a result, from time to time and from location to place, different types and degrees of drought exist. Here are some examples of the various sorts of droughts:

Weather-Related Drought
A location is stated to be experiencing a meteorological drought when there is a decrease in rainfall there for a specific time frame. This time frame can be a few days, months, seasons, or an entire year. In India, a region is considered to be experiencing a meteorological drought when the annual rainfall is 75% below the average.

Water Resources Drought
Basically, the decrease in water is related to this. Two subsequent meteorological droughts are frequently the cause of hydrological droughts. These are split into two groups:

Groundwater drought and surface water drought

Drought Soil Moisture
As the name says, insufficient soil moisture prevents crop growth in this circumstance. This is a result of the meteorological drought, which lowers the amount of water that is supplied to the land and increases the amount of water that evaporates.

Drought in Agriculture
A region is said to be experiencing an agricultural drought when meteorological or hydrological droughts have a detrimental impact on the crop produce there.

According to reports, this is the worst drought condition ever. People in these areas lack access to food, which leads to widespread famine and destruction. In such a case, the government must step in and outside sources provide food to these areas.

Economic and Social Drought
This circumstance arises when crop failure results in a drop in food supply, a loss of income, and a threat to social security and food access for those living in such areas.


Dealing with a drought can be challenging, particularly if its severity is considerable. Every year, a number of people are impacted by drought. Even if drought is a natural occurrence, we can definitely lessen the human activities that contribute to it. In order to deal with its aftereffects, the government must also devise efficient solutions.

Essay On Drought In English (500 Words)

There are several different types of drought, including meteorological drought, hunger, socioeconomic drought, hydrological drought, and agricultural drought. Drought is a situation that develops when there is no or very little rainfall. Whatever the form of drought, it disrupts the regular operations of the afflicted regions.

Effects of the Drought

It takes a while for drought-affected areas to recover from the damage it has inflicted, especially if the drought was extremely severe. The daily lives of people are disrupted by drought, which also has a significant negative influence on numerous industries. The effects of this natural disaster on the lives of those who reside in the impacted area are as follows:

Farmers’ Losses
Agriculture and other associated industries are significantly impacted because they are directly dependent on ground and surface water. Some of the most significant effects of drought include loss of crop yields, low rates of livestock production, an increase in plant diseases, and wind erosion.

Farmers’ Financial Losses
The worst affected group by drought is farmers. The farmers who depend solely on farming for their income are the ones who are most negatively impacted by the drought-affected crops’ failure to produce. Many farmers become indebted while trying to make ends meet. Farmers committing suicide as a result of such circumstances occur frequently.

Wildlife in Peril
Droughts enhance the likelihood of forest fires, which poses a serious threat to the wildlife population. As a result of forest fires, many wild animals perish while others lose their homes.

Price Growth
Due to a lack of supply and increasing demand, numerous grains, fruits, and vegetables are becoming more expensive. The cost of foods made from those specific fruits and vegetables, such as jams, sauces, and beverages, is also rising. The prices charged for certain commodities are high because they are frequently imported from other countries to satisfy consumer demand. Due to a decline in sales, retailers who provide goods and services to farmers also suffer financial losses.

soil degradation
Due to ongoing drought, the soil loses moisture and loses quality. Some regions take a very long time to be able to produce crops again.

overall environmental impact
Diverse plant and animal species suffer harm, the quality of the landscape deteriorates, and biodiversity is compromised. Due to the drought, air and water quality are also impacted. While some of these illnesses are transient, others could last for a long time or even become permanent.

At Stake: Public Safety
Crimes like stealing may grow as a result of a lack of food and rising prices for various goods, endangering public safety. Tension in the general population may result from disputes between water users.

Countries Prone to Drought

Albania, Afghanistan, Armenia, Bahrain, Northeastern Brazil, Burma, Cuba, Morocco, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Botswana, Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia are a few of the nations that are more prone to drought.


One of the worst natural disasters is drought. The most extreme types of drought, famine, result in significant socio-economic and environmental losses for the regions impacted.