Essay On Dowry System In English For Student And Children

Essay On Dowry System In English The term “dowry” refers to the sum of money, jewellery, furniture, real estate, and other physical assets presented by the bride’s family to the bridegroom and his parents at the marriage ceremony. It has been common in India for many years. One of the pervasive, harmful structures in society is the dower system. It is widespread in many civilizations around the world and is thought to be as old as human civilisation.

Dowry System

Essay On Dowry System In English 

Essay On Dowry System In English  (100 Words)

The Indian civilization has long been dominated by the dowery system. It is well-known that it is ingrained in many places and has evolved into more of a ritual. This unjust tradition of the bride’s parents presenting lavish presents in cash and kind before her wedding arose as a means of empowering the women as they started their new lives in an entirely foreign setting.

The bride was first given money, jewellery, and other presents of this nature, but over time, the system’s primary objective changed, and the gifts are now given to the groom, his parents, and other family members. Her in-laws also keep a safe for the bride’s jewellery, cash, and other gifts.

Essay On Dowry System In English  (200 Words)

The bride’s parents are required by the dowry system to give lavish sums of money, jewellery, and other presents to the groom’s family as a condition of the marriage. The method was established in India for the reason that, up until a few decades ago, a girl child had no claim to her parents’ property or other fixed assets. Instead, she was given liquid assets, such as money, jewellery, and other items, to ensure that she received a fair portion. Over time, though, it evolved into a negative social structure.

Unfortunately, in most situations, the groom’s family takes all of the wealth and property that the parents intended to give their daughter as part of the dowry so that she can be independent in the new location. Additionally, whereas formerly the bride’s parents made this choice voluntarily, it is now more of a duty for them. Brides have been subjected to physical and psychological abuse in numerous instances because they did not bring in enough money. In many instances, the bride turns to her family to satisfy her in-laws’ demands, while others succumb to the pain by losing their life. It is time for the Indian government to act firmly to put an end to this despicable custom.

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Although the dowry system, which entails the bride’s family giving gifts to the groom’s family in kind and cash, is largely despised by society, some people contend that it has benefits of its own and that people only continue to use it because it is important to brides and benefits them in certain ways.

The Dowry System: Does It Have Any Benefits?

These days, a lot of couples opt to live separately, and it is believed that dowries, which are typically gifts of money, furniture, cars, and other assets, provide them with financial stability and help them start their new lives off well. The bride and the groom cannot afford such significant expenses all at once because they have just started their careers and are not in the best of financial health. But is it a good excuse? If so, both families should contribute to helping them settle down rather than placing the entire burden on the bride’s family. Furthermore, if the families can afford to support the newlywed financially without going into debt or compromising their own standard of living, this should be true.

Others contend that females who lack physical attractiveness might still find husbands by agreeing to the latter’s financial demands. It is terrible that girls are viewed as a burden, and their parents, who are prepared to do everything for the same, prioritise marrying them off once they reach adulthood. In these situations, offering a sizable dowry is effective, and this unethical practise appears to be a blessing for those able to find (purchase) a husband for their daughters. But it’s time to alter this way of thinking. The dowry system’s proponents also contend that lavishly showering the groom’s family with presents elevates the bride’s position within the family. Statistics, however, show that it has typically worked against the girls.


The dowry system’s supporters may offer a variety of illogical justifications, but the truth remains that the system is more detrimental to society as a whole than beneficial.

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The dowry system, which started out as a good idea to assist the ladies financially as they entered a new stage of life, has progressively turned nasty. The dowry system is one of the pernicious social structures that must be eliminated for society to flourish, along with child marriage, child labour, the caste system, and gender inequity. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the government and numerous social groups, this horrible system is still very much a part of the society.

Why Is the Dowry System Still in Place?

Why do people continue use dowry, even after it has been made a criminal penalty and awareness of its negative effects has been raised via several campaigns? Here are some of the primary explanations for why the dowry system continues to exist despite widespread disapproval:

In the Interest of Tradition
Since many years ago, it has been customary for the bride’s family to present the groom and his family with presents of jewellery, money, clothing, real estate, furniture, and other valuables. It has been referred to as a tradition in different sections of the nation, and when the occasion is as solemn as a wedding, people cannot dare to disregard any tradition. Even though it is typically a burden for the bride’s family, people nonetheless follow it blindly.

Status symbol
The dowry system may be more of a status symbol for some people. The standing of both families is raised in direct proportion to the size of the car and the amount of money given to the bride’s family. As a result, even though they are unable to afford it, many families host extravagant wedding receptions and shower the groom and his family with gifts. These days, there is more of a competition. Everyone aspires to defeat the opposition.

Absence of Strict Laws
Even though the government has made dowry a criminal offence, the legislation has not been strictly enforced. The exchange of dowries and gifts given during marriages is unrestricted. These flaws are a major factor in the persistence of this wrongdoing.

In addition to this, gender inequality and illiteracy are significant factors in this horrible social system.


Sad to say, yet people in India still use the dowry system despite fully realising its negative repercussions. It is time for the nation’s citizens to work together to solve this issue.

Essay On Dowry System In English  (500 Words)

The practise of dowery has long existed in our civilization as well as many other societies around the world. While it first began as a way to assist the daughters in becoming self-sufficient and financially independent as they moved to a new location, over time it has developed into a horrific practise that, rather than empowering the women, has turned them against them.


The society suffers because of dowery.

Dowry, the custom of the bride’s family sending presents to the groom and groom’s family in the form of money, real estate, and other assets, is actually considered to be a plague on society, especially on women. Women’s crimes have increased as a result of it. An overview of the issues this system causes for brides and their families is provided below:

Cost to the Family in Money
Ever since their daughter is born, a girl’s parents start saving for her. They have been putting money down for the wedding for years because they are in charge of organising the entire event, including the catering and banquet rental as well as the decorations. And if that weren’t enough, they also insist on the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and his relatives receiving a sizable quantity of gifts. In order to satisfy their financial needs, some people wind up taking out loans from banks or borrowing money from friends and family.

Reduces Living Standards
It frequently happens that the bride’s parents downgrade their level of life since they wind up spending so much money on their daughter’s marriage. A lot of people accumulate debt and spend the rest of their life paying it off.

Corruption Is Fostered
If you produce a girl kid, you will inevitably have to give dowry and plan a wedding ceremony that is at least passable. Regardless of the circumstances, they must amass money for the same purpose, and many resort to dishonest methods to do so, like accepting bribes, filing false tax returns, or engaging in specific commercial operations with unfair advantages.

For the Girl, Emotional Stress
She feels tormented by the in-laws’ constant comparisons of the gifts provided by their daughter-in-law to those presented by other females in the area and their scathing remarks. This causes girls to commonly experience emotional tension, and some even experience despair.

Abuse of the body
Some in-laws often use sarcasm to taunt and disparage their daughter-in-law, while others resort to physical violence. As a result of their failure to pay the enormous dowry demands, several stories of women being assaulted and burned continue to emerge.

The murder of women
A girl kid is considered a financial burden for the family. Female foeticides are a result of the dowry system. Many couples choose to terminate their female pregnancies. In India, there are frequently reported incidences of abandoned girls.


It is strongly against the law to practise dowry. However, dowry is still used in the majority of the country, which causes pain for the girls and their families. The government has also established legislation declaring dowry a criminal offence.