Essay On Discipline In English For Student And Children

Essay On Discipline In EnglishA set of rules and regulations that are imposed upon us for all the right reasons make up discipline. Discipline is a key life skill that is crucial to excelling as a professional or a student, whether we like it or not. It is also vital to maintain some degree of discipline in one’s personal life. We will look at a variety of essays on the subject, all with differing word counts, in the works listed below.


Essay On Discipline In English

Essay On Discipline In English (100 Words)

Most of us don’t like discipline and especially don’t like the word. We don’t want the word “discipline” mentioned in our classrooms, homes, workplaces, or even institutions. That is so because we value freedom over adherence to any laws or regulations. But we must realise that some discipline is necessary for our own wellbeing. Without any self-control in our actions or conduct, we will be completely aimless wayward missiles with a tonne of ammo but no idea where to aim. In other words, we all have the capacity to achieve success and do good in life, but without discipline we are unable to find a way to get there, ultimately failing.

Essay On Discipline In English (200 Words)

I am certain that you already understand the need of discipline, especially if you are a student. How often did your teacher ask you to pay attention or leave the room? If you didn’t do well on your tests, how often did your parents ban you from playing or going outside? These are some of the instances of discipline that were reportedly introduced to encourage beneficial growth in you. In this situation, the discipline enforced is necessary, and you must also form the habit of adhering to it. There is no damage in the discipline that your parents, teachers, or other adults have placed on you because their main concern is your wellbeing and improvement.

As long as the goal for its implementation is positive, discipline is excellent. Such discipline alters both your own behaviour and how other people view you. You receive admiration from your professors, friends, and family. You will be respected and admired for setting an example for juniors and youngsters to follow. You’ll be more calm, collected, and successful in both your job and personal life. Discipline is essential not only in scholastic life but also in personal and professional life.

Essay On Discipline In English (300 Words)

Discipline, in the general sense, is a strategy to keep yourself and your actions in check; frequently, it also refers to meeting all of your obligations and deadlines on time. Although discipline is beneficial for growth and advancement, when it is imposed by another person, it may also cause issues. I shall discuss both excellent and terrible discipline in this post.

decent discipline

To achieve desired objectives, good discipline is applied for all the right reasons. For instance, your teacher’s stringent request that you remain silent throughout the lecture is meant to force you to focus on it so that you can raise your grade. When your father wants you to leave early at any costs, it is simply for your protection and advantage and is another illustration of effective discipline. Similar to this, there might be countless instances of discipline that is used to improve things.

a poor discipline

Bad discipline refers to any disciplinary measure that has been implemented without a justification or with malicious intent. Even good discipline can be classed as bad discipline if it is applied too firmly and causes someone stress and emotional distress. Let’s say, for example, that your friend’s parents are so overly concerned for him or her that they won’t let them attend your birthday party or any other comparable event. The punishment in this instance appears to have been applied without obvious cause, and your acquaintance may find it to be somewhat gloomy.

Discipline is crucial in life, particularly for students who have their entire career ahead of them. It might be the deciding factor between success and failure. Students who practise discipline are respected by their peers and professors, whereas those who lead chaotic lives are seen with contempt and ignorance.


Discipline is only effective to a certain extent when the person enforcing it is thinking about the subject’s welfare. Any discipline also needs to be approached objectively and logically, and any undesirable results must be avoided.

Essay On Discipline In English (400 Words)

By preserving your composure and giving you complete control over your life, discipline in life boosts your confidence. Everybody has aspirations, but only few people are able to realise them. Why? The discipline they adopt in their lives to achieve the goals is the key to the solution.

How Do You Maintain Discipline?

Both maintaining discipline and achieving your goals are difficult. It costs money to fulfil your dreams and move your life forward. Below are some suggestions about how to live a disciplined life.

1) Do away with your weaknesses

To live a disciplined life, you must first recognise your flaws and work to overcome them one at a time. Setting objectives and abiding by rules will be challenging for you when your shortcomings are all around you. Recognizing the circumstances or behaviours that represent your vulnerabilities and successfully overcoming them should be your first priority.

2) Outweigh any deviations

Wandering thoughts are one of the biggest obstacles to living a disciplined life. If you want to maintain the discipline, you need to have a calm and composed mind. If you want to achieve in life, you must, at all costs, overcome your deviances and obsessions.

3)Establish a Clear Plan.

The fact that discipline adheres to a precise route plan with clear objectives is one of its most crucial qualities. You adhere to discipline because you want to employ discipline to accomplish a certain life goal. However, if you don’t have a clear plan and goal, discipline will be useless to you.

4) Form Positive Habits

Developing healthy habits is crucial for living a disciplined life. Bad habits are a type of disruption; they will constantly prevent you from moving forward. You won’t understand its significance unless you let healthy habits into your life and negative habits out of it. When you have good habits on your side, you’ll feel more calm and self-controlled.

5) Keep active

Another element necessary for living a disciplined life is being fit. You will be able to live a disciplined life if you are well, content with your physical appearance, and free from any ailments. To lead a disciplined life and so produce fruit, you must frequently exercise and participate in sports or extracurricular activities.


Lifelong discipline is crucial for success and advancement. You may develop discipline in your life if you just adhere to the ways mentioned above, which will allow you to create objectives and advance in your life.

Essay On Discipline In English (500 Words)

Maintaining control over your life and behaviour requires having a disciplined attitude. It is a way of life in which one meticulously adheres to set guidelines and timelines in order to accomplish a particular goal in life. Some people take discipline very seriously, always keeping an eye on their own behaviour and the things they spend their time doing.
Both maintaining discipline and achieving your goals are difficult. It costs money to fulfil your dreams and move your life forward. Below are some suggestions about how to live a disciplined life.

Discipline: What Is It?

Using discipline will help you carry out your daily tasks in an unwavering manner. Disciplined people make decisions for valid reasons and honour their commitments no matter what. A disciplined student, for instance, would never skip class for trivial reasons. Similar to this, a disciplined employee won’t ever make up a reason to avoid performing their job duties.

The Benefits of Discipline

There are many benefits to living a disciplined life in one’s personal, social, and professional spheres. Listed below are a few benefits of discipline:

1) Take more charge of your life

Your life becomes more orderly and purposeful when you decide to adopt discipline as a way of life. You may fully manage your own senses and impulses and have the willpower to ignore the unimportant ones by exercising discipline.

2) Encourages Self-Belief

You become more self-assured and proceed toward your goal as a result of discipline. If you consistently work toward the goal in a disciplined manner, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to get closer to it every day. Living a disciplined life will help you become more confident and gain the trust of others.

(3) Social Praise

Friends and family always respect and trust someone who leads a disciplined life. People often favour calm, orderly individuals. They provide an example for others to follow and be motivated by.

4) Life Stability

With discipline, your life is more solid and you feel more in control than ever. Discipline gives you more self-assurance, which helps you adopt a positive outlook and succeed in life. You are financially solid since you provide skills and make money.

5) Supports your fitness

By preventing you from engaging in temptations and other distractions, discipline helps you stay mentally and physically fit. It also increases your motivation to maintain a disciplined diet and engage in regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. You adhere strictly to the schedule you have created for your workouts, sports, etc.

6) Develops you as an Achiever

Discipline gives you the self-assurance and perseverance to succeed. You change into a person with objectives and a clear path to achieving them. You are aware of your location and how to get there. Overall, your life and destiny are completely in your hands.


Everyone, whether a student, professional, or housewife, needs to practise discipline. You will succeed and acquire respect in your industry, wherever you are, whatever you do, by adopting a disciplined way of life. A person who practises discipline has confidence in themselves and inspires others to do the same.