Essay On Cricket In English For Student And Children

Essay On Cricket In English Two teams of 11 players each compete in the game of cricket. A 20-meter pitch and wickets are present on the field where the bat and ball game is played. The opposing team is in control of bowling and fielding while the batting team places its two batsmen on the field. The batting team scores runs, and the fielding team employs field methods in an effort to bowl the batsman out. In recent decades, cricket has grown in popularity and commercialization. There are numerous ways to play it, including 20-20, one-day, and test matches.


Essay On Cricket In English

Essay On Cricket In English (100 Words)

Children like the outdoor game of cricket the best, and many of them have early aspirations of excelling at the sport. On the large, wide field, it is played with a bat and a ball. It is a match between two rival teams, each with 11 players. It is played on a field with a rectangular, 22-yard-long pitch in the middle. The hitter uses it to take a turn when batting and try to accumulate runs for an innings.

The one bowler from the opposing team throws the ball to the batsman from the other team. In order to dismiss the batsman, the bowler tries to knock the ball away from the bat. A batter keeps playing until the bowler strikes him out for a mistake.

Essay On Cricket In English (200 Words)

I prefer cricket to all other outdoor sports in India. In the park in front of my house, I used to play cricket with my schoolmates and neighbours. Cricket is a game that has English origins and was first played in the British Empire before spreading to other nations. To play this game, we’ll need a bat and a ball. By the 18th century, the sport of cricket had gained prominence. In cricket, there are two teams with 11 players each, two umpires to call fouls in accordance with the law, and judges to determine what is fair and unjust during play. The captain of each side tosses a coin to determine which team bats first and which team bowls before the game begins.

Both sides have the opportunity to bat alternately, but the team that wins the toss bats first and the other team bowls. According to analysts, cricket has developed into one of India’s most intriguing sports. People who are very interested in cricket get quite excited a week before the game when any national or international level cricket match is scheduled to play. Instead of watching on television or the news, many cricket fans begin purchasing tickets to attend live matches in person. Our nation has earned a reputation as one of the top cricket-playing nations worldwide. India has won the world cup and several tests numerous times.

Essay On Cricket In English (300 Words)

In India and many other nations throughout the world, cricket is a thrilling outdoor sport. Although it is played as a fascinating game in many nations like India, England, and Australia, it is not very well known in the United States. A bat and a ball are used to play this lovely game in the open area of the large field. My favourite sport is that one. Whenever a domestic or international cricket competition is taking place, I used to typically watch nothing but cricket on TV. In cricket, there are two teams, each with 11 players. Depending on which team wins the toss, one team begins batting first and the other team begins bowling. The team that wins the toss gets to bat first, however both teams can bat alternately.

Cricket has a lot of rules, and it is impossible to play without having a thorough understanding of them. When the playing field is dry, it can be enjoyed, but when it’s wet, there are certain issues. Until he is eliminated from the game, one batsman has the opportunity to bat. Every time a game begins, there is a roar of excitement from the crowd that can be heard throughout the entire stadium, especially when the favourite batsman hits a chauka or chhakka ball. My favourite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar, and always has been. In India’s cricket history, he had set a new record. Every time he played his cricket match at the national or international level, I absolutely forgot to eat anything for the entire day.

Cricket is a challenging but manageable game if regularly practised. I also enjoy playing cricket, and I do so every day in the evening at a playground close to my home. My parents constantly encourage me to play cricket at a high level and are very helpful.

Essay On Cricket In English (400 Words)

Everyone enjoys and plays cricket as their game of choice. We enjoy playing cricket a lot and go to the tiny playground every evening. People of practically all ages enjoy it since it is a very intriguing and suspenseful game. There is no way to forecast with any degree of accuracy which team will prevail. Any team may win at the very last second, boosting everyone’s excitement. Everybody has a favourite team that they root for to victory till the game is done and a conclusion is reached. When a test match, a national or an international competition is taking place, a large audience of cricket fans gathers at the stadium and in TV rooms to watch the game.

This game has a significant impact on young males, and practically everyone aspires to play cricket well. Despite not being an indigenous game to India, cricket is played there with great delight and fervour. Many nations, including England, India, Pakistan, Ireland, the Netherlands, the West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh, play cricket. Cricket matches often last five days, with one day off in between. Two teams of 11 players each engage in a cricket match, and a test match is made up of two innings total—the first and second innings. The greatest combined run total produced by the teams in their two innings determines whether a team wins or loses in a cricket match. And the team scoring the most runs at the conclusion of play is crowned the victor of that day’s match.

Although it is not an easy game, cricket can be studied and practised regularly if all the rules and guidelines are followed. One batsman and one bowler are the two major players and are switched out as soon as one of them is out or has played their prescribed amount of balls and overs.


Tossing a coin before the game begins determines which team will begin batting first. The team that wins the toss bats first while the opposition bowls, but both sides receive a chance to bat and bowl alternately. The two features of the cricket game that have made it the most intriguing and suspicious are winning and losing. The entire cricket ground and stadium fills with high tuned sound of the cricket lovers whenever the batter throws the ball for chauka and chhakka, especially when the most beloved team is doing the batting.