Essay On Corruption Free India In English For Student And Children

Essay On Corruption Free India In English In India, corruption is a concern on many levels. This problem is consuming our country from the inside out. It is past time for each of us to recognise the damage that corruption causes to our country and take action to help end it. Even though it is usually asserted that Indian politicians are corrupt, there are other professions where corruption occurs. Corruption plagues every sector of society and is ruining our country.


Essay On Corruption Free India In English

Essay On Corruption Free India In English  (100 Words)

The role of the government in making India a corruption-free nation

While individual efforts can help to rid the nation of corruption, government participation is required if the issue is to be resolved from the ground up. To solve this issue, the Indian government must enact stringent legislation. People who engage in corrupt behaviour of any kind must face harsh penalties.

The country’s government employees are renowned for their relaxed approach to their jobs. To supply the public with a variety of government services, they accept bribes without any reluctance. There is no oversight of these unethical behaviour. In government offices, accepting bribes and doing favours for influential persons is a regular practise. This does not imply that all public servants are dishonest. Some of them perform their tasks honourably.

Essay On Corruption Free India In English  (200 Words)

I envision an India without corruption. where everyone puts in their best effort and receives what they are due. a location where everyone is afforded equal opportunity based on their education and skills, regardless of their caste, colour, creed, or religion. a place where people don’t utilise others around them to further their own selfish interests.

Unfortunately, India is not at all like the idyllic paradise I picture it to be. Everyone is so focused on accumulating wealth and improving their standard of living that they don’t mind utilising unethical means to achieve their goals. People frequently believe that those who labour honestly will never succeed. They hardly ever receive promotions and still make a pitiful pay. On the other side, people who seek bribes and utilise dishonest methods to complete their tasks advance along the success ladder and earn more money.

It is important to realise that while cheating the system is frequently a simple way to acquire money, it rarely results in happiness. Using such unethical methods, you might succeed financially, but will you ever experience true peace of mind? No! Although you might experience brief happiness, you will ultimately be unsatisfied and dissatisfied.

If everyone of us had to promise to stop engaging in unethical behaviour. In this way, both our country and our way of life will improve greatly.

Essay On Corruption Free India In English  (300 Words)

India, a nation that takes pride in having strong morals, values, and traditions, yet has a corruption issue. It is one of the many bad habits that our nation fights against. The foundation of the nation’s entire structure is corruption on various scales.

The Indian government ought to set an example.

India’s political parties and administration are infamous for their corruption. They ought to focus on solving the corruption issue rather than engaging in corrupt behaviour. They must lead by example and motivate the populace to pursue their aims honestly and sincerely rather than via corrupt means.

Ministers and Political Parties are chosen

Anyone in India is eligible to run for office and start a political party. The level of schooling a person has is not a requirement for eligibility. There are ministers who have never even attended school and know nothing whatsoever about politics. There are other people with a criminal history. Corruption is inevitable when these guys are in charge of the nation.

There needs to be a minimum educational requirement established. Only candidates who meet the educational requirements and have a spotless record should be permitted to run for office. The winning candidates must next undergo training to prepare them for the many tasks and obligations that will be placed upon them. Undoubtedly, a person with education and training can govern the nation more effectively.

Everything must follow a fixed protocol, and the acts of the ministers must be watched over by a higher authority to ensure that it is.


Even while we all desire an India free of corruption, none is willing to make a contribution to the cause. We are more or less enhancing it. We must work together and be sincere if we want to rid our nation of this wicked behaviour.

Essay On Corruption Free India In English  (400 Words)

The issue of corruption is one that affects many nations worldwide. One such nation that is negatively influenced by this issue is India. Numerous other severe issues in our nation are primarily caused by corruption.

How to End Corruption in India

If we stick together and are committed to push this evil away, we can defeat corruption. Here are some ideas for getting rid of corruption in the nation:

Promote Education
One of the key causes of the rising corruption is a lack of education. Many members of the ignorant class rely on dishonest and illegal ways of subsistence. The spread of education can significantly aid in reducing this issue. In order to guarantee that every child in the nation attends school and receives an education, the government must adopt policies.

Apply Strict Penalties
People who engage in corrupt acts, such as receiving and offering bribes, using illegal means to grow their businesses, accumulating black money, etc., must be subject to strict rules. These individuals require harsh punishment.

Engage in sting operations
To expose corrupt individuals in various industries, the media and the government should work together to execute sting operations. These undercover operations will not only expose the corrupt individuals, but they will also deter others from engaging in similar behaviour.

Keep to the Right Path
Each of us has a responsibility to carry out the proper course of action rather than pay bribes to complete tasks quickly or avoid penalties.

Put cameras and recorders in place
Additionally, technology can aid in reducing corruption. Government buildings, traffic lights, and other locations where taking and dispensing bribes frequently occurs must all have CCTV cameras installed. In locations where installing cameras is challenging, recorders can be installed. Additionally, people might take the initiative to videotape any corrupt activity around them on their mobile device and share it with the police station closest to them.

Increase Confidence
Even for filing a complaint against someone, many in India are afraid to go to the police. They avoid coming to the police station out of concern that they would become mired in the details of the investigation and risk tarnishing their reputation. The police station’s processes must be set up so that anyone wishing to assist the force won’t encounter any difficulties.


India can be become corrupt-free in a variety of ways. Only a willingness to put these strategies into practise is needed.

Essay On Corruption Free India In English  (500 Words)

In India, the level of corruption is fairly high. Corruption, among other things, has a negative effect on the nation’s expansion and advancement. The majority of emerging nations struggle with this issue. The government and people in these countries don’t realise that, despite the fact that corruption may temporarily benefit them, it eventually hurts their development and is terrible for them.

Indian corruption’s root causes

The high level of corruption in our nation is caused by a number of factors. Here is a basic overview of these causes:

Lack of Employment Possibilities
Compared to the amount of young people who are qualified, there are fewer jobs on the market. While many young people today wander the streets jobless, others accept positions that are beyond their qualifications. These people start using corrupt methods due to their frustration and desire to make more money.

Absence of Strict Penalties
In our nation, people can get away with corrupt behaviours including accepting and providing bribes, failing to pay income taxes, using unethical business techniques, etc. The behaviour of people is not strictly regulated by law. People are not severely punished even if they are discovered. This explains why there is a lot of corruption in the nation.

inadequate education
A society with more educated members is more likely to have lower levels of corruption. People who lack education rely on unfair and dishonest means of subsistence. The lowest classes in our nation downplay the value of education, which fuels a rise in corruption.

Greed and Increasing Rivalry
Growing market competition and greed are further factors contributing to corruption. Nowadays, people have developed tremendous greed. In this crazy hurry, individuals don’t hesitate to use dishonest methods to achieve their goals since they want to earn more money than their friends and family.

Not Taking Initiative
Everyone calls for the government to take action to eradicate corruption in the nation and blames it for doing nothing. But are we working to solve the problem at our current level? We are not, no. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all contributing to corruption. Nobody is willing to take the initiative and work together to rid the nation of this scourge.

Developing an India Free of Corruption

Corruption’s root causes are well recognised to everyone. It is stated that when the root of a problem is found, the task is completed in half. Instead of continually addressing the issue, it is now time to seek answers.

India’s government must accept responsibility for eliminating corruption because without it, our nation cannot advance. Every issue that contributes to corruption must be dealt with at the source. For instance, the population growth rate contributes to corruption by creating a dearth of excellent work possibilities. To keep the country’s population under control, the government must implement rigorous regulations. In order to create a corruption-free India, it must also work on every element.


If we can eliminate the corruption issue, our nation will prosper and improve. So let’s all do what we can to help address this major problem.