Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English For Student And Children

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English The preservation of our planet’s natural system depends on its biodiversity. A strong biodiversity is a sign of an environment that is healthy. The preservation of biodiversity is essential for the survival of both humans and other types of life on Earth. The preservation of biodiversity is a current topic of great emphasis. This is because our planet’s great biodiversity is what makes it suitable for human habitation.

Conservation of Biodiversity

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English (100 Words)

Biodiversity’s Decline

It is now a worldwide worry that biodiversity is continuing to decline. Due to climatic changes and rising pollution levels, biodiversity has significantly declined in many parts of the world. The other species residing in those locations have been significantly impacted by this. The world’s biodiversity is in decline. According to research, a great number of animal species become extinct every year, mostly as a result of human activity.

Among the extinct animal species are the Western Black Rhinoceros, Dodo, Tasmanian tiger, Golden Toad, Woolly Mammoth, Caribbean Monk Seal, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, and Japanese Sea Lion. Several species, including the lemur, mountain gorilla, vaquita, sea turtle, Amur leopard, and tiger, are in danger of going extinct. In addition to these, many additional plant and animal species, such as the Lepidodendron, Araucaria Mirabilis, Wood Cycad, and Kokia Cookei, have become extinct or are in danger of doing so.

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English (200 Words)

The term “biodiversity” describes the range of flora and animals in a specific area of the entire planet. The likelihood of various species surviving is increased when there is a greater variety of flora and animals. This is due to the fact that it aids in the food chain process. While some animal species depend on plants to feed, some animal species depend on other animal species to satisfy their need. If one species disappears for whatever reason, those that depend on it for food will starve to death as well, and biodiversity will continue to dwindle as more species perish. This has been the case for a very long time, notably over the past few decades.

Reduced biodiversity is caused by a number of factors, including technological development, industrialisation, deforestation, rising pollution, global warming, and an ever-increasing human population. Each year, we lose a large number of plant, animal, marine, insect, and other species.

The preservation of a high level of biodiversity is essential. A loss in biodiversity is already being caused by certain actions. As a result, we must now monitor all of these actions to protect biodiversity. Global cooperation between the public and governments can contribute to this goal.

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English (300 Words)

For the balance of the environment, biodiversity is essential. There is a purpose for each of the many different plant and animal species that God has created. However, it appears that as a species, we humans have become oblivious to the need to preserve biodiversity and are engaging in a number of practises that are hastening its extinction.

Describe biodiversity.

The diversity of the species of plants, animals, and other living things in the globe or in a specific area is known as biodiversity, also known as biological diversity or ecological diversity. Rich biodiversity must be preserved since it contributes to the preservation of the ecological equilibrium on Earth. For the biological system to remain intact, each type of flora and wildlife has a certain job to play.

Why Is Biodiversity Important to Preserve?

There are many things that naturally exist on our lovely world. Natural resources include things like rivers, valleys, oceans, many animal species, and lovely types of flora and trees. But because he is so preoccupied with creating his own manufactured world, man is ruining these lovely natural things. Most of the resources that nature provided in abundance had already been fully utilised by humans. These natural resources must be preserved immediately. There is a critical need for biodiversity conservation among other things.

It is frequently forgotten how important it is to preserve biodiversity. This is due to the fact that we believe we are doing well for ourselves despite the fact that many species have already gone extinct and that we will be unaffected even if only a few more go as well. This is a false impression, though. Biodiversity richness is necessary for the environment to function properly. If biodiversity continues to dwindle, we won’t be able to survive in the future.


Humans must control their behaviour and quit using the flora and animals for their own selfish ends. Instead, they must support efforts to preserve biodiversity.

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English (400 Words)

Biodiversity refers to the existence of all plant and animal species on Earth. To live happily on our world, we rely on one another to meet a variety of needs. For us to survive, there must be a rich biodiversity. But sadly, it is deteriorating quickly, which could cause serious problems for us in the future. The preservation of biodiversity is urgently needed. To assure a nice and tranquil life in the future, we must all make a contribution to the same cause.

The significance of protecting biodiversity

The preservation of biodiversity is crucial for a variety of reasons. Some of the key justifications for protecting biodiversity are listed below:

Food Chain Process
The food that other animals and living things eat comes from many animal and plant types. Other species may suffer from various deficits as a result of the extinction of one species or its relocation in habitat. As their primary source of food disappears, some animals even starve to death. Thus, a diverse ecosystem supports the food chain process.

dietary requirements
We consume various fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and other foods because they meet various nutritional requirements for our bodies to function properly. The loss of plants and animals would also mean a loss in the diversity of foods we may eat, which is likely to lead to nutritional inadequacies.

purer air
Carbon dioxide and other dangerous chemicals are inhaled by trees and plants, and life-sustaining oxygen is exhaled by them. Some plants and trees are better at removing pollutants from the air and maintaining a clean environment. Negative effects on air quality may result from a decrease in the kind and number of trees and plants.

Improved Crop Cultivation
The soil is fertilised and kept in good condition by a variety of insects, animals, and microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria, earthworms, and other species. For the cultivation of crops, healthy, fertile soil is unquestionably preferable. Therefore, losing such species could be a significant loss for humans.

For Health Purposes
Different medications to treat a variety of ailments are derived from numerous species of trees and plants. In the past, many plants used for medicine went extinct, and many more are likely to do so even before scientists figure out their value.


Therefore, the diversity of life on Earth depends on the richness of the biosphere. In order to preserve biodiversity, this issue needs to be handled seriously and harsh action must be done.

Essay On Conservation of Biodiversity In English (500 Words)

The necessity of biodiversity protection for the survival of humans and other Earth’s inhabitants has been emphasised time and time again. It is crucial to communicate the techniques for conserving biodiversity in addition to highlighting its significance, need, and protection.

Techniques for Preserving Biodiversity

The following techniques can aid in the preservation of biodiversity:

Population in Control
The increasing human population is one of the factors contributing to the decline of biodiversity. In order to meet diverse human demands, trees are being cut down and animals are being mistreated extensively. The needs increase with population, which leads to increased exploitation of flora and fauna and a decrease in biodiversity. Controlling human population and allowing other plant and animal species to flourish on our globe are the two most important steps that need to be taken to ensure the biodiversity of our planet.

Reduce Pollution
Our lovely earth is suffering because of the rising pollution. Global warming is being brought on by rising temperatures. Numerous species are developing various diseases, and some have even gone extinct, as a result of the changing climate, declining air quality, and increasing pollution on land and in water bodies. It becomes incredibly difficult for many types of plants and animals to thrive when the atmosphere undergoes these changes. In order to reduce pollution, it is crucial to reduce the actions that cause it.

Monitor the loss of forests
Diverse species of flora and fauna can be found in forests. One of the main causes of the loss of countless wild animals as well as numerous lovely vegetation has been deforestation. Wild animals become susceptible as a result of habitat loss. In the new environment, they cannot survive. While some try to survive by moving to other locations, others are unable to adapt and pass away.

Prevent Wastage
Waste of any kind must be avoided at all costs. The majority of the items we use come from natural resources. Everything we use, including the power we use, the gasoline we use, the clothes we wear, and the paper we write on, has been prepared using natural resources, either directly or indirectly. We must comprehend that natural resources are crucial for the existence of other species in addition to our own. In order for things to continue to be abundantly available in nature for use in the future, we must thus only utilise what we need.

Raise Awareness
In addition, raising awareness is among the best ways to preserve biodiversity. People must be made aware of the issue in order for them to behave responsibly and support biodiversity preservation. The government can do this on a larger scale, and we can raise awareness by using social media and word-of-mouth.


To preserve a healthy environment and provide a comfortable existence for future generations, biodiversity conservation is crucial. There are numerous methods that we can protect it. Each of us must do our part to keep the environment intact.