Essay On Computer Addiction In English For Student And Children

Essay On Computer Addiction In English Many individuals are dependent on their computer screens all across the world. They overlook all other tasks that need to be done in favour of spending hours in front of their computers. They become so dependent on computers that their personal and professional lives are negatively impacted. Their health is also impacted.

Computer Addiction

Essay On Computer Addiction In English

Essay On Computer Addiction In English (100 Words)

More of a problem exists with computer addiction than most of us realise. Similar to any other addiction, it has similar effects. Computer addicts start prioritising their computers over everything else in their lives. They disregard their jobs, relationships, studies, and health. This has an effect on their social life and health, which ultimately causes pain on several levels.

Effects of Computer Abuse

Here are some consequences of computer addiction:

Community Isolation
Computer junkies skip social events and significant occasions in order to spend more time on their machines. As a result of this, they eventually grow socially isolated and struggle to engage with others in real life. Many of them experience low self worth as a result. Both their personal and professional lives are hampered by this.

Essay On Computer Addiction In English (200 Words)

One of the many modern age addictions that affects millions of people worldwide is computer addiction. Computer addiction is affecting people’s lives in a variety of ways, just like other addictions including alcoholism, smartphone addiction, game addiction, and drug addiction.

Many individuals use their computers to pass the time when they are bored, while others use them to get away from their issues or to learn everything they have to offer. All of the aforementioned uses of the computer are OK, but it’s crucial to know when to put it down. You must set a limit on how long you will spend using the computer and adhere to it. This is a useful strategy for maintaining discipline in your life and preventing computer addiction.

People who are addicted to computers have terrible lives. They develop a variety of health issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome, excessive weight gain, dry eyes and itchy necks, persistent migraines, insomnia, and even despair. Additionally, they become more isolated from their loved ones and experience loneliness. They stop enjoying work and other pursuits that are important for their physical and mental growth. Additionally, their professional lives are in ruins.

Computer addiction is therefore just as harmful as other addictions. It should not be treated casually. A therapist can assist you in moving past it.

Essay On Computer Addiction In English (300 Words)

Computer addiction is defined as the compulsive and persistent use of computers. In today’s world, many people are computer addicts. On their computer systems, they spend a lot of time playing games, browsing the internet, and conversing online. They place these pursuits above all else in their lives. Their relationships suffer, their health suffers, and their performance at work suffers as a result.

Symptoms & Signs of Computer Addiction

Some warning signs and symptoms of computer addiction are listed below:They are constantly focused on computers. They’ll always be seated in front of it.
They search for justifications to return to the computer.
They start ignoring the people they care about.
They forego family get-togethers and crucial business meetings in favour of staying home and working on their computers.
Real world activities no longer excite them.
When questioned about how much time they spend on the computer, many respond defensively. They argue against the notion that they are computer addicts and attempt to defend their usage.
When instructed to shut down the computer, they become agitated and uneasy.
They frequently encounter emotional swings.
They become disoriented about time and put off crucial chores.
Only when they are in front of their computers do they feel joyful.
Computer Dependence: Hazardous to Health

The effects of computer addiction on one’s health are very negative. It disrupts sleep in the beginning. Computer junkies struggle to put their computers down and start sleeping late at night as a result. They frequently endure sleep deprivation, and their sleep pattern is interrupted. Lethargy, migraines, and tired eyes are the results of this. Computer addicts frequently experience dry, itchy eyes, diminished vision, and other eye-related issues. Long periods of time spent in front of a computer also strain the neck and back. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also a problem for computer junkies.

Essay On Computer Addiction In English (400 Words)

Nowadays, the majority of people are not prepared to participate in outdoor activities. Most of the time, they are occupied with TV, the internet, or their phone or computer. These entertainment options develop into severe addictions over time. Computer addiction is one such compulsion. The world over, computer screen addiction is a widespread problem. They sit in front of their computer displays for a number of hours each day, and the mere thought of leaving them gets them antsy.

Computer addiction and drug addiction are similar

Addicts to computers are just as susceptible as those to drugs. Computer junkies are unable to leave their computers, just as drug addicts are unable to break their drug-using habit. By using it, they enjoy themselves. They experience a sensation of euphoria as a result. It closely resembles the effects produced by several medicines.

Drug and computer addicts both exhibit compulsive behaviour. They start to socially withdraw. They avoid actual contact, skip social gatherings, and disregard their friends, spouse, parents, and kids. They enjoy continuing to be dependent on their individual addictions. They can only be delighted when doing it.

However, both of these addictions only provide fleeting satisfaction. These addicts soon start to feel the harmful effects of their addictions. They are depressed and lonely. Their productivity suffers, and they are unable to concentrate on anything. They get physically weaker as well and run the risk of developing catastrophic illnesses.

They become mentally unwell. They lose their memory, get agitated, and frequently start to experience anxiety. They experience depression frequently. Additionally, it has been noted that computer addicts are more likely to become dependent on drugs and alcohol. Dual diagnosis is the term used to describe someone who has both illnesses.

Both of these addictions are treatable with some effort. A few lifestyle adjustments and the support of family and friends can help in this area. To overcome these addictions, one can also look for professional assistance. The addicts receive specialised therapy sessions. Both of these conditions may take some time to heal, and there is a potential of relapse.


It’s important to treat computer addiction seriously. It’s time to take control of the problem if you find yourself idly squandering time in front of the computer and believe it is negatively affecting your personal and professional lives. You need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Essay On Computer Addiction In English (500 Words)

Today’s working professionals spend the majority of their time in front of computers. After turning it off at last, they are relieved and go back home. Addicts who use computers excessively spend a lot of time in front of them. However, they struggle to shut down their computer and experience anxiety simply at the mere thought of giving it up. Addicts who use computers constantly feel the want to remain logged in. If this ailment isn’t treated quickly, it could have a lot of unfavourable effects.

How to Deal with Computer Addiction

Computer addiction is just as challenging to overcome as any other addiction. However, it is possible to overcome it with steadfast effort, resolve, and support from loved ones. Here are a few methods to assist computer junkies in kicking their habit:

Limit your computer use.
Identifying the number of hours you will be utilising the computer should be one of your initial steps. During that period, you must be sure to do all of your computer-related tasks. If you really want to kick your computer addiction, don’t go above the allotted number of hours.

Ask loved ones for support.
Your loved ones are always willing to support you in breaking any harmful habits or addictions. They will support you if you just talk to them about it.

Make an effort to see your family members more frequently. Engage in conversation with them, assist them with their duties, go out with them, and engage in other activities that you both enjoy. Likewise, arrange for your buddies to come over or plan trips together. This is a useful method for avoiding your computer system.

Only perform necessary tasks on the computer.
Use your computer only when it is necessary to complete something important that cannot be ignored. Use it for more than passing time or killing boredom. Additionally, if you can accomplish your project by consulting a book, do so rather than searching the internet.

Actively engage in physical activity
Engage in activities that will positively affect your development, growth, and health. Creating an exercise programme is a fantastic idea. This will divert your attention from the computer. Additionally, it will aid in reducing the stress that comes with being away from your computer system.

Adopt a Hobby
Consider enrolling in a hobby class or spending time doing something you enjoy. Make it a routine to invest at least an hour in such a task each day. I know you’ll like it, and I’m looking forward to it. It might soon take the place of a sizable amount of computing time.

Consult a Professional
You can get help from therapists and counsellors to get rid of your computer addiction by following their expert advice. It is advised that you seek professional assistance if, despite attempting everything listed above, you are unable to overcome your addiction.


Even though it is challenging, it is possible to overcome a computer addiction with some work. All you need to do is occupy your mind with something stimulating and engaging. Although it can take some time, you will finally be able to accomplish your goal.