Essay On Cleanliness In English For Student And Children

Essay On Cleanliness In English In order to be clean, one must keep both himself and their environment organised. It is regarded as a requirement for living in a civilised society. Eminent leaders and well-known public personalities have emphasised the need of developing a habit of cleanliness for many years. According to Mahatma Gandhi, attaining cleanliness is more significant than winning independence because “cleanliness is next to godliness,” as the saying goes. Our longevity rises and many ailments are prevented when we are clean.


Essay On Cleanliness In English

Essay On Cleanliness In English (100 Words)

Even if keeping things clean is not something we must do in order to be successful financially, it is a very good habit that we should form in order to have a long and healthy life. To elevate cleanliness as the highest virtue and raise the standard of living, everyone has a responsibility to do so. All aspects of our lives, including our homes, workplaces, settings, and companion animals, should be kept clean.

Even though it is not a violent act, we should nonetheless do it softly. It preserves our emotional, physical, social, and intellectual health. Every little thing we do adds up to something big.

Essay On Cleanliness In English (200 Words)

Although keeping things clean is not something we must do in order to make money, it is a very excellent habit that we should develop in order to have a healthy life. Everyone has a duty to uphold cleanliness as the highest virtue in order to improve the quality of life. We should maintain cleanliness in all areas of our lives, including our homes, workplaces, environments, and companion animals. To keep our environment clean, we should plant more trees rather than cutting them down.

We should do it gently even though it is not a violent deed. It maintains our intellectual, social, physical, and mental wellness. Every one of our small steps can add up to a large one. When a young child learns to run, walk, and speak with great success, she or he can very easily develop the habit of cleanliness from early childhood provided parents support this behaviour. Parents instruct their child to walk while clutching their index finger because walking is a lifelong skill. They must be aware that maintaining cleanliness is essential for living a long and healthy life, and they must instil a habit of cleanliness in their children. To teach our children to practise cleanliness is a significant step. So, a spotless environment is not far away.

Essay On Cleanliness In English (300 Words)

Cleanliness is a habit that is essential to all of us. Maintaining cleanliness is a behaviour that includes keeping our homes, pets, surroundings, environment, ponds, rivers, schools, etc. clean. We should always keep ourselves well-groomed, clean, and maintained. It fosters a positive personality and first impression in society since it displays a pure character. To ensure that there is a chance for life to continue on the globe indefinitely, we must keep our bodies and the environment (including the air, water, and land) clean.

Our mental, physical, social, and intellectual health are all improved by cleanliness. Generally speaking, we’ve all seen that our mothers and grandparents are very severe about keeping our homes clean before worship. This isn’t a malicious practise; rather, they simply want to instil a culture of cleanliness in us. However, they go about it incorrectly since they never explain to us the advantages and goals of cleanliness; as a result, we have difficulty adhering to it. Every parent should logically explain to and have a discussion with their children about the advantages, function, necessity, etc. of cleanliness. They must explain to us that, like food and water, cleanliness is the most important aspect of our life. To ensure a happy and healthy future, we should always take care to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean. On a daily basis, we ought to wash our faces with soap, file our nails, and wear freshly laundered clothing. Our parents should teach us how to maintain a tidy and clean home. As it spreads diseases, we shouldn’t pollute our surroundings. Every time we go to consume something, we should wash our hands with soap. All throughout the day, we should drink pure, hygienic water. We never consume processed food, expired food, or other ready-to-drink beverages.

Essay On Cleanliness In English (400 Words)

The act of maintaining our bodies, minds, attire, homes, surrounds, and other work areas tidy and clean is known as cleanliness. Body cleanliness is crucial for both our physical and emotional wellness. The environment and surrounding surroundings must be kept clean if people are to maintain their mental and social well-being. Due to the fact that dirt is the mother who gives birth to many diseases, we should include cleanliness into our daily routines and eliminate all dirt from our surroundings. If one doesn’t take a regular bath, wears filthy clothes, keeps their home and surroundings dirty, etc., they will always suffer from health problems. The different disease-causing germs, bacteria, viruses, and fungi are created by dirty objects in the environment or at home.


People with bad habits contribute to the spread of deadly and life-threatening illnesses. People are sick from infectious diseases, which can also be fatal, and they spread across large areas. Therefore, we need regularly maintain our cleanliness. Every time we eat something, we should thoroughly wash our hands with soap. By taking regular baths, we always keep our face and entire body tidy and clean. For the sake of our good physical and mental health, we should take care of our clothing and only wear freshly laundered, clean garments. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness raises one’s sense of confidence, self-respect, and interpersonal respect. It is a healthy habit that keeps us content all the time. We are quite proud of it in our society.

To keep up our healthy lifestyle and standard of living, cleanliness is crucial. It has a significant impact on how popular someone becomes. The Indian government has run and implemented a number of programmes and civil legislation to raise awareness of cleanliness among the general public across India. Clean habits are something we should all strive to develop from an early age and maintain throughout our lives. While filth gives rise to moral evil, purity gives rise to morality. A person with good habits can quickly put an end to their wicked desires and filthy ideas.

To ensure correct disposal of our daily waste and stop the spread of illnesses across the house or neighbourhood, we need be careful to only place it in the trash can. However, maintaining cleanliness is not just one person’s job; it is the duty of every person who lives in a house, society, community, or nation. To fully profit from its many facets, we must comprehend them. Everyone should swear an oath of cleanliness promising never to act improperly or to witness improper behaviour.