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Essay On Christmas In English Every year on December 25, the Christian community around the world celebrates Christmas. Christians view this day as having great significance since they think Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem on this day. It is celebrated as a public holiday in a number of nations with a majority of Christians. Additionally, it is still celebrated as a holiday in several nations where Christians are a minority.


Essay On Christmas In English 

Essay On Christmas In English (100 Words) 

On December 25, Christians everywhere celebrate Christmas. Christians mark it to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, whom they regard as God’s son. The festival is one of the major celebrations and calls for a lavish celebration.

People start making preparations well in advance by actively shopping for gifts and other items. Around the holiday, kids are happy because they get loads of presents and pastries. On Christmas, families gather with loved ones and friends to sing, dance, and eat.

The global Christian community observes Christmas on December 25 each year to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It is both the most significant and anticipated celebration for Christians.

Essay On Christmas In English (200 Words) 

The Christian community celebrates Christmas on December 25th all throughout the world. Recently, not only the Christian community but also non-Christian communities have begun to observe it in some capacity. It is a celebration honouring the birth of Jesus.

Did Jesus Really Have a Christmas Birth?

The Gospels and other religious texts make no mention of Jesus’ birth on December 25, nor is there any historical evidence for it. Theologians, on the other hand, think that Jesus was born between 6 BC and 4 BC. The birth of Jesus was not being commemorated in the early Christian churches.

The church did not formally recognise December 25 as Jesus Christ’s birthday until around 440 A.D. However, rather having any concrete evidence of Jesus’ birth, this declaration was based on an antiquated paganism festival.

Due to the extreme cold of December in Palestine and the fact that shepherds are typically indoors during this month, the bible itself indicates that Jesus’ birth date of December 25th is implausible.

Holidays in India

In India, Christmas is observed as a public holiday. On Christmas Day, many schools, colleges, and workplaces are closed. Indian Christians start their days off by attending church. Special sermons are read, and churches are specially decorated.

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The Christian community celebrates Christmas on December 25 of each year. On the day of Jesus Christ’s birth, the holiday is observed. Christmas is celebrated with immense holiday zeal and has been a tradition for billions of years.

Christmas as an occasion

In many nations around the world, Christmas is commemorated as a public holiday. With each passing year, the holiday has grown in popularity, and today non-Christian cultures all over the world joyously join the Christian community in celebrating Christmas.

Libya, the Maldives, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan are among the nations that don’t observe Christmas as a public holiday.

Custom and Gifts

The origins of Christmas traditions can be traced back thousands of years to a holiday held in the middle of winter to welcome the return of long, sunny days. Thus, it denotes the end of a long, severe winter and the beginning of hotter, more fruitful days. As a result, Christmas is observed as a joyous event all over the world.

The practise of decking the halls with a Christmas tree, lights, and other ornaments is customary. Additionally, Christmas trees are lit up and filled with little presents for the family and kids.

As a surprise for the kids, the family’s elders put gifts under the Christmas tree. Children look forward to the Christmas Eve when they may finally unwrap their presents. During the month of December, family and friends also visit one another and frequently have meals together.

It is a pagan holiday, Christmas.

Christmas customs have frequently been linked to non-Christian or pagan beliefs. The custom of exchanging gifts and stuffing stockings with them is a long-standing custom that predates Christianity by a great number of years.

The contemporary Christmas holiday has developed over the last few centuries as a fusion of early celebrations of Jesus’ birth and ancient pagan midwinter festivals.

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On December 25, the Christian community worldwide celebrates the holiday of Christmas. The non-Christian population has largely accepted the festival as well, and everyone participates in it as a secular celebration.

What Makes Christmas Special?

The fact that Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, is what makes it so significant. For billions of years, December 25th had been a very significant day for Christians all across the world.

The day inspires millions of people around the world to feel joy, compassion, and generosity. Additionally, it is a time for prayer, going to church, and soul-searching. The indigent and underprivileged are also invited to a communal feast.

When Christmas makes millions of people, both rich and poor, smile, it becomes even more special. The wealthy overpower others who struggle to buy gifts or celebrate owing to financial limitations, and they assist by giving gifts and sharing meals.

What “Merry Christmas” means

Throughout the world, people celebrate Christmas by saying “Merry Christmas.” Despite the fact that Christmas is a festival that has existed for billions of years, the word “Merry” was only recently introduced to it in the 19th century.

Merry Christmas is a phrase that has its roots in England and was popularised by writers like Charles Dickens and Washington Irving who used it in a number of their works.

The phrase “merry Christmas” refers to the custom of having a good time. In other words, it is a festival of happiness, preserving happiness, and bringing happiness to others.

How do Christians celebrate the holiday season?

Christmas is celebrated with exceptional religious passion, fun, and joy in the Christian community. Weeks, perhaps even months, before Christmas, holiday preparations start. People begin planning for the holiday celebrations far in advance.

A Christmas tree is a popular Christmastime item that families go out and buy. Gifts are brought for the underprivileged as well as for the children, relatives, and friends. Around Christmas, kids are the happiest and most excited because they get lots of surprises and gifts.

An open feast is planned for Christmas Eve, where friends and family gather around a bonfire to eat. Additionally, the hungry and underprivileged receive food.


Christmas is a unique event in a number of ways. It is the day that Jesus Christ was born, but it is also the day that the gap between the rich and the poor is narrowed and everyone has a grin on their face. The celebration instils compassion for the less fortunate and awareness of the needs of all people.

Essay On Christmas In English (500 Words) 

Christmas, which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, is a significant holiday observed by the global Christian community on December 25. A community gathering, gift-exchanging, and dining are all part of the weeks-long holiday preparations. A lot of the nations in the world also observe it as a public holiday.

Christmas’s true purpose

Jesus Christ’s birth is commemorated at Christmas because Christians believe that he is the son of God. From Christ’s Mass, also known as the Mass of the Christ, comes the term “Christmas.” When referring to a religious ritual that ends in celebration, the term “Mass” is used.

Bread and wine are traditionally given to the needy and other community members during “Masses,” which also include sermons being read. Giving to those who can’t take care of themselves and meeting their necessities is, therefore, the genuine essence of Christmas.

History of Christmas in a Few Words

The middle of winter had long been a season of joy around the world even before the birth of Jesus Christ. The winter solstice has long been observed as the beginning of the sun’s rays and the end of the long, harsh winter.

Saturnalia, a celebration honouring Saturn, the God of Agriculture, was celebrated in Rome, where the winter wasn’t quite so harsh after all. The festival lasted for a whole month and started on the winter solstice. Schools and institutions were closed for the entire month of the festival to allow everyone to fully enjoy it. The event was celebrated in magnificent style.

Thanksgiving Day

The day or evening before Christmas is referred to as Christmas Eve. Many countries around the world celebrate Christmas Eve as a holiday. A major portion of the Christmas season is made up of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day taken combined.

The Western Christian tradition of celebrating Christmas starts on December 24, the day before the holiday. This may have its roots in the ancient Jewish holidays as well as in the creation account in the Book of Genesis, which begins, “And there was evening and there was morning- the first day.”

The Christmas Holiday

In many nations around the world, including those where Christians make up a small minority, Christmas Day is observed as a public holiday. The day is also observed as a secular holiday in several nations with small populations of Christians. A feast is organised, and gifts and other items are given out to the underprivileged. The special feast for the impoverished is open to all people from all backgrounds.

Another important aspect of the holiday is the Christmas tree. Without the Christmas tree, Christmas couldn’t be celebrated in western nations. The ideal Christmas tree for each home and set of needs is chosen over the course of hours. The tree is carried home and adorned with ornaments, gifts, and other items.


Christmas is a time when people gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, but the primary values of the holiday are generosity and sharing. It’s a festival where the needy are fed, gifts are given, and no one goes without food or a grin.