Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English For Student And Children

Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English The current hot topic is global warming because it is a risky environmental concern. Typically, teachers give students a writing or speaking assignment on the primary causes of global warming. We have included some short and basic essays about the causes of global warming, as well as some simple long and short paragraphs, to assist your kids.

Causes of Global Warming

Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English

Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English (100 Words)

Global warming is the progressive warming of the earth’s surface as a result of the constant rise in atmospheric temperature brought on by both natural and man-made factors. The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, which act as a blanket and trap a lot of heat, is the primary factor contributing to global warming. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is bad for the atmosphere because it would trap heat very effectively if it stayed there for a long time, which would raise the earth’s temperature. The combustion of fossil fuels, automobiles, vehicles, coal-burning power plants, etc., contributes to the high levels of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English (200 Words)

Global warming is the overall increase in atmospheric temperature brought on by either natural or artificial activities. The cutting down of trees and increased use of fossil fuels are the two main contributors to global warming. Another factor contributing to global warming is the recurrent cycles of climate change. The cooling and warming cycles have persisted ever since the world was created. But there are also certain man-made factors driving global warming, so we need to be concerned and start taking precautions.

Another factor that comes from animals like cattle is the release of methane, a greenhouse gas. The geology of wetlands and tundra also adds to the release of this gas into the atmosphere, which traps heat and causes the earth to warm up more. Other natural factors contributing to global warming include solar cycles, sunspots, and the earth’s rotation. In this, without human efforts or contributions, the planet warms spontaneously. The world’s temperature does rise slightly as a result of sunspots and solar flares, but this warming is typically very transitory. When the solar cycle cools, the earth also cools. Even so, it is just momentary and results in cooling in another cycle. Another organic factor contributing to the rise in global heat is volcanoes.

Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English (300 Words)

Human activity is the primary contributor to the world’s rising temperatures, but other natural factors also play a role. The rise in greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere is the primary cause of global warming. Carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels and deforestation, trapping heat and contributing to global warming and the greenhouse effect. The most significant greenhouse effect contributions are carbon dioxide gas, water vapour, methane, and ozone.

Methane gas is released into the environment during coal and oil mining. Additional natural leaks are a source of methane discharge. Humans significantly reduce the number of trees and forests they maintain each year, which has an impact on the natural carbon cycle and contributes to the atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide. All of the carbon dioxide gas on earth is thought to be used up by plants. In this way, the concentration of carbon dioxide gas raises the greenhouse effect, which raises the temperature of the atmosphere and once again warms it.

The main causes of global warming also include the release of nitrous oxide from fertilisers (used for agriculture) and gases from refrigerators and other industrial operations. Since ice had retained a substance called methane clathrate, which was released after melting, melting ice releases methane. Additionally, the ice caps and glaciers reflect sunlight back into space, shielding the globe from the high-temperature sun rays. When the ice melts, this process stops, and the world begins to warm. Burning wood at a high altitude causes the atmosphere’s oxidizable carbon to be released, which ultimately raises the earth’s temperature. The primary cause of the anomalous planet warming is an emission of chlorofluorocarbons, which are chemicals used in freezing. While it does not retain heat, UV sunlight causes it to produce chlorine, which enters the atmosphere and degrades the ozone layer by converting ozone molecules into oxygen molecules.

Essay On Causes of Global Warming In English (400 Words)

Despite being a gradual process, human activity is to blame for the day-to-day increase in global warming. There are several natural reasons as well, although they are less significant than the causes caused by humans. We can now easily feel the consequences of global warming, such as the lengthening of the summer and lengthening of the winter seasons. The temperature of the earth is rising steadily; even in recent decades, it has significantly increased. Humans can lessen the effects of global warming by implementing some practical actions on a global scale. Growing evidence of global warming points to the end of life as we know it. Human error is the primary cause of this demon’s creation.

Burning fossil fuels increases the amount of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere (coal-powered plants emit 93% more carbon dioxide than other industries, which produce 40% more power). The demand for vehicles on the road is growing, which is another factor contributing to rising CO2 emissions. When gasoline is used in vehicles, CO2 gas is released as a byproduct. More carbon emissions are produced by some automobiles with defective engines or by vehicles with poor gas mileage. In order to reduce carbon dioxide gas emissions to the atmosphere, automobile manufacturers have been told to create more efficient engines for the automobiles. The issues posed by global warming are growing as the demands placed on the cars increase.

The main causes of the rising global temperature are deforestation and the growing human population. Plants are removed from the earth as a result of deforestation, disrupting the carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is mostly used by plants as sustenance, thus as there are less plants on the planet, the amount of this dangerous gas in the atmosphere increases. The released CO2 gathers in the environment, absorbing more heat from the sun’s rays, raising the earth’s temperature as a result. The planet’s rising temperature contributes to the acceleration of global warming.

Methane, which is likewise damaging to the environment, is also released into the atmosphere by animals. The burning of coal, oil, and gas increases the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and raises the temperature, which melts the polar ice caps and warms the planet. By reflecting solar heat back into space, ice caps play an important part in keeping the earth cold. However, cooling effects only last while the ice caps are still present.