Essay On Biodiversity In English For Student And Children

Essay On Biodiversity In English The term “biodiversity” describes the significance of the many different types of plants and animals that exist worldwide or in a particular environment. In order to balance the environmental harmony on our world, it is crucial to maintain this level. Broadly speaking, biodiversity, also known as biological diversity, refers to the variety or variability of various types of plants and animals on Earth. A high level of biodiversity is necessary to maintain the harmony of the natural environment.


Essay On Biodiversity In English

Essay On Biodiversity In English (100 Words)

The term “biodiversity,” which is short for “biological diversity,” refers to the wide range of various plant and animal species that exist on the planet. In order to sustain the health of the ecosystem and human life, it is critical to maintain a high level of biodiversity.

However, maintaining biodiversity is become more challenging due to the increasing air, water, and land pollution on our globe. A number of plant and animal species have gone extinct as a result of the quick environmental changes brought on by the aforementioned causes of biodiversity loss. To protect the environment and the people who live here, this must be under control.

Essay On Biodiversity In English (200 Words)

The variability and diversity of various plant and animal species on Earth are referred to as biodiversity. Our planet’s ability to support life is facilitated by this variety.

Climate variations are to blame for the uneven distribution of diverse creatures throughout the earth. As a result of the warm environment and high primary productivity, there is a greater diversity of terrestrial life around the equator. The Western Pacific, on the other hand, has the highest sea surface temperature and has the most marine life along its coasts. The majority of the world’s biodiversity is concentrated in hotspots, and although it has been increasing over time, scientists predict that it will likely slow down in the next years.

To create a peaceful environment, it is crucial to preserve a vast diversity. By meeting their fundamental requirements, such as those for food, shelter, medical care, etc., it helps humans survive. But the biodiversity is also suffering from the rising pollution that is destroying the ecosystem. Many species that once lived on Earth are currently extinct, and many more are predicted to go extinct in the near future. It can turn out to be dangerous for the human species and will further contribute to environmental imbalance.

Essay On Biodiversity In English (300 Words)

Basically, biodiversity is a measure of the various types of plants, animals, and other living things that are present on our planet. Each type of plant and animal life that exists on Earth makes a small but significant contribution to the creation of a healthy environment that is suitable for the survival of all living things. Each of these species helps the other by providing for their fundamental needs. A diverse biodiversity is crucial, for this reason.

In what ways has biodiversity decreased?

While the significance of preserving a diverse biodiversity has been emphasised time and time again, there has been a decline in biodiversity over the years, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. The primary cause of this is the increasing pollution, which is brought on by industrial waste and the employment of numerous cutting-edge inventions. Numerous plant and animal species are predicted to become extinct in the near future as a result of the environmental changes caused by humans. This would cause biodiversity to continue to dwindle, which would then generate an imbalance in the environment and pose a threat to both the human race and other living things on Earth.

How can the diversity of the biosphere be increased?

To better understand environmental issues, one must become more sensitive. The governments of different nations are attempting to stop the problem by employing a variety of strategies while raising awareness of it. Additionally, it is the duty of the ordinary man to step up and contribute to environmental preservation.


People appear to be so used to using technology that they have forgotten how important it is to protect the environment. Insensitivity to the environment must be understood as nothing more than a path to one’s own demise. Be a part of the change by doing your part!

Essay On Biodiversity In English (400 Words)

The diversity of plants and animals that can be found in a certain environment or over the entire planet is known as biodiversity, also known as biological diversity. It has largely taken the place of the earlier, more precisely defined words, species diversity and richness.

A Unified View of Biological Varieties: Biodiversity

Numerous additional words have been employed to describe this variability. These include physical diversity, taxonomic diversity (measured at the species level), functional diversity (calculation of the functionally dissimilar species within population), and ecological diversity (viewed from ecosystem diversity perspective) (derived from genetic diversity). A unifying perspective of all these biological variety is provided by biodiversity.

How Important Is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is significant because it aids in preserving the ecological system’s balance. The basic needs of various plants and animals are dependant on one another. For example, humans depend on different plants and animals for their food, housing, and clothing, and many other species also rely on one another for these things. Our planet’s abundance in biodiversity makes it suitable for all of the species that call it home to survive.

Unfortunately, biodiversity is suffering as a result of rising pollution. Because of this, many plants and animals have become extinct, and many more are feared to do so in the future if the degree of pollution keeps increasing in this manner. The biodiversity would decrease as a result of this.

How Can Biodiversity Be Maintained?

Humans must comprehend the significance of preserving a diverse biome. The huge air pollution caused by vehicle smoke is endangering a number of species. To lower the level of pollution in the atmosphere, this is one of the first things that must be controlled. Industrial garbage that ends up in the ocean must be disposed of in another way since it endangers marine life. Similar to air pollution, noise pollution also needs to be managed.

Another significant factor contributing to the reduction of biodiversity is deforestation. It not only causes a quick decline in the quantity of plants and trees, but it also deprives animals of refuge, making it difficult for them to survive. In order to maintain environmental harmony, such behaviours need to be under control.


Every type of plant and animal species works to preserve the ecosystem and make it worthwhile to live in it. Thus, it is crucial to preserve biodiversity’s richness and balance in order to maintain a healthy environment.