Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English For Student And Children

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English One of the main reasons humans are living on this planet is because to trees and plants. Without their life-giving oxygen, it would be impossible for us to survive on this world. In addition to this, planting trees has a number of other advantages. Planting trees has a lot of advantages. They can help the environment by absorbing toxic gases, feeding and housing animals and birds, and giving shade during the sweltering summer days.

Planting Trees

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English (100 Words)

Benefits of Planting Trees for the Environment

Everyone is aware of the advantages planting trees has for the environment. To keep the ecological balance in the environment, they exhale oxygen and ingest carbon dioxide. They also remove all of the dangerous gases, providing us with clean, fresh air to breathe. More trees planted will result in cleaner and fresher air. Although the rising pollution cannot be stopped, its effects can be lessened by steadily increasing the number of trees planted. When opposed to the concrete jungles that require air conditioning, areas with a lot of trees are much cooler. Trees construct a shield to shield us from the damaging beams of the sun.

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English (200 Words)

The significance of planting trees has frequently been underlined. This is as a result of the many advantages they provide. The fact that trees give us the oxygen we need to live is one of the key advantages of planting trees. The ability of living things to survive without oxygen is impossible.

The ability of plants to absorb hazardous gases makes tree planting crucial. The presence of trees greatly regulates and purifies the expanding pollution brought on by the emissions of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and other toxic gases and smoke from automobiles and industry.

Animals and birds can find shelter in trees as well. They even give the travellers relief from the sweltering sun on a hot summer day. Trees make it worthwhile to live on our planet. But despite the fact that trees have many advantages and are essential to our existence, we are rapidly removing them to meet our wants.

Wood is used to create a variety of luxury and utilitarian goods. This is the rationale behind the daily cutting of many trees. Another factor contributing to the rapid cutting of many trees is the expanding population. Industrial and residential areas are being built on top of forests.

The moment has come for the government to limit the removal of trees and encourage citizens to grow more of them.

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English (300 Words)

The ecology would not exist without trees. Without plants and trees on earth, it would not be feasible for humans or other animal species to survive. This is the rationale behind government campaigns to encourage the planting of ever-more-trees and the condemnation of tree chopping.

The advantages of planting trees

It is repeatedly emphasised how important it is to plant trees. Here are some advantages of planting trees:

Oxygen source
The fact that trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen is their primary and most important advantage. The necessity for oxygen in the environment is also widely acknowledged.

Taking in harmful gases
In addition to absorbing hazardous pollutants from the environment, trees also breathe in carbon dioxide, which helps to keep the air fresh. These days, industrial and vehicular pollution are both extremely high. More trees would go a long way toward clearing the air of pollution.

Maintain a cool climate
The cooling effect of trees. They support coping with the heat. Their cooling is so intense that it can cut the need for air conditioners in surrounding buildings by up to 50%.

Give protection
Birds create nests on the trees, which act as a form of protection for them. Spider monkeys, koalas, green tree pythons, tree-kangaroos, and many other animal species all call trees home.

Fruit-bearing trees produce food that is available to humans, animals, and birds. Other herbivorous animals like cows and goats also consume leaves.

Reduce pollution in the air and water
Not only do trees absorb dangerous chemicals to reduce air pollution, but they also have a significant impact on reducing water pollution.


It’s time to appreciate how important it is to plant trees and to accept the responsibility of making whatever small contribution we can to this cause.

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English (400 Words)

Tree planting has numerous advantages, as has frequently been emphasised. You may only be able to identify a handful of these advantages when you look at them superficially, but as you dig deeper and become one with them, you will realise just how vital they are to our survival.

Organizations that Support Tree Planting

In order to create a cleaner and greener environment, a number of non-profit groups have stepped up to the plate and started planting trees. Also discouraged by these groups is tree-cutting. Sankalp Taru Foundation, Youth Services for Peace, Say Trees, Grow Trees, Green Yatra, Reforest India, Green Life India, and Tree Plantation are a few of the NGOs operating in our nation that are working in this direction.

These non-profit organisations’ only mission is to educate the public on the advantages of planting trees and to encourage them to do so. With the goal of making our nation greener, many supporters of this cause have banded together. For the purpose of promoting greenery, those associated with these groups plant trees. Additionally, they occasionally launch campaigns to persuade additional people to do this.

In order to further the cause, we can plant trees in the neighbourhood. To collaborate with these NGOs on a wide basis, however, if we want to make a significant difference, we must.

Educate people about the advantages of planting trees

To encourage the planting of trees, the government must provide support to nonprofit organisations. The prohibition on tree-cutting must also be included. If they are cut quickly and ruthlessly, planting trees will never be enough.

By highlighting their advantages, more trees need to be planted in order to raise awareness among people. Radio, television, newspapers, social media, hoardings, and flyers are all effective media for spreading the same message. The use of these channels is required to disseminate the NGOs’ contact information. Many people desire to go in this direction right now, but the issue is that they are unsure of how to go about doing their part.

Additionally, it is a smart idea to start off by emphasising to the pupils the value of planting trees. The initiative to plant trees can come from educational institutions by periodically involving their pupils in the activity.


The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago, as a Chinese saying puts it. It’s now, which is second-best. Make this location more attractive by contributing in your own way.

Essay On Benefits of Planting Trees In English (500 Words)

Trees and plants are what make this world worth surviving. We are unable to picture life on Earth without trees. The fact that trees give life-giving oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide that animals breath is one of the fundamental advantages of growing trees. But in addition to oxygen, trees also give us fruits, timber, fibre, rubber, and many other things. Animals and birds can also find shelter in trees.

Trees Increase Health

This is one of the most important advantages that trees provide among their many other advantages. Trees improve our health in a number of ways. Here’s a quick glance at how they benefit our health:

Reduce Pollution’s Impact
Up addition to taking in carbon dioxide, trees also absorb a variety of hazardous chemicals released by machinery and transportation. These thereby represent a green method of lowering pollution. Pollution can be decreased by increasing tree planting. In addition to lowering air pollution, trees also help to lower noise and water pollution. Pollution-free environments are undoubtedly healthier.

Deliver medicines
Numerous trees and plants, such as the silver birch, apple, ash, cedar, beech, aloe vera, basil, and white pine, are well known for their therapeutic qualities. Some of these trees’ barks are known to have therapeutic properties, while others are noted for their fruit and leaves. These trees produce a variety of medications that are used to prevent or treat a variety of diseases. More of these trees must be cultivated as the need for various medications and treatments rises.

Stress Bubbles
We can instantly feel rejuvenated by trees. Spending time on lush grassy area under a tree can significantly lessen your tension. Our senses are calmed and our stress levels are reduced by the sound of birds singing on tree limbs, the rustling of leaves in the wind, and the aroma of leaves and flowers on trees. Researchers have also asserted that embracing trees can be a very effective way to reduce stress. Thus, trees can help to lessen stress, which is a contributing factor in many modern physical and mental illnesses.

Provide natural remedies
Leafy trees, roaring streams, and verdant valleys are all said to have a natural healing effect. They provide us with clean air to breathe and have a relaxing impact, which is why. This is the rationale behind recommendations that sick individuals travel to hill stations. It’s also claimed that those who live nearer to trees and the natural world experience fewer illnesses. In comparison to people who remain isolated in their synthetic urban environment, they also recuperate more quickly.

Trees: Fundamental to Our Integrated Development

Actually, plants and trees are necessary for a person’s overall development. A spot devoid of trees appears inherently depressing, however a location surrounded by plenty of trees instantly becomes vibrant and worthwhile of habitation. Trees not only help us be physically strong, but also help our minds grow. Our minds are calmed by trees, and patience is a virtue that requires calmness. A patient person can make wiser decisions and perform well in various circumstances.


This planet is a much better place to live because of trees. Thus, we must continue to plant trees and encourage others to do the same.