Essay On Beggars In English For Student And Children

Essay On Beggars In English One of the most wretched groups of individuals on the planet is the beggar. They rely on other people to meet their requirements. They receive poor treatment and are denied access to needs. Every day, beggars sit at the same location or move from one street to another asking for donations of food and cash. They are degraded by society. Instead of giving money to beggars and encouraging them to beg, we must ask them to work.


Essay On Beggars In English

Essay On Beggars In English  (100 Words)

In India, it’s not uncommon to see beggars. Beggars can be seen wandering the streets, at traffic lights, outside of churches, shopping centres, and many other locations. While majority of the beggars in India who rely on begging for a living are of Indian descent, there are also a significant number who are from Bangladesh. This is due to their perception that India is a more convenient and lucrative location for this employment. One can tell that the beggars in India endure very miserable lives by the state of their clothing, footwear, general appearance, and behaviour.

India’s Problems with Beggars

In India, beggars deal with a variety of issues. Some of these issues are really serious and may even be unimaginable. Here are some of the primary issues that beggars in India face:

Essay On Beggars In English  (200 Words)

For a living, beggars must beg. Typically, they don’t have a home to call their own. Many of them are refused access even in slum areas where some of them live. They occupy the footpath as their home and way of life. The only locations they may reside and sleep in large cities are on footpaths and along roadsides.

The beggars sit on the sidewalk during the day and solicit donations of food and cash from onlookers. They both sleep there at night because they have nowhere else to go. On the sidewalk, some beggars erect tents where they keep their possessions and leave their children. However, the location is occupied illegally, and the cops frequently desecrate it. And once more, these beggars are compelled to live on the sidewalk without a roof over their heads.

The life of a beggar is the worst in locations like Delhi where the weather is harsh. The harmful effects of heat and cold must be endured by them. During the rainy season, things grow considerably worse. Illnesses brought on by exposure to harsh weather affect beggars. News of beggars who live on footpaths passing away from heat waves, cold snaps, and heavy rain is rather common. They live a life that is undoubtedly quite challenging.

Essay On Beggars In English  (300 Words)

The society is concerned about begging. Beggars are typically seen at traffic lights, in front of temples, and other similar locations, but some may wander from street to street pleading for alms, cash, and food. These beggars are the worst because they trespass into neighbourhoods and disturb the peace.

Residents despise street vendors.

Beggars on the streets are often restricted to certain regions. They occasionally go to these places to beg for money. They wear rags and have a worn-out bag on their shoulder. Women frequently appear with a little infant in their arms as a ploy to elicit sympathy. Small children in damaged clothing can also be seen begging on the streets for food, clothing, and cash.

Some elderly guys are observed begging on the streets while carrying a bowl in one hand and a stick in the other while they are costumed as saints. Most often, they travel in packs while requesting food and cash while singing religious songs. Such beggars frequently ring the doorbells of the residents and ask them for financial assistance. Because it interferes with people’s privacy, this is highly annoying. They frequently tell the locals who help them out of compassion their terrible stories.

It is exceedingly challenging to determine whether the tale that these beggars are telling is true or not. Begging is often the first criminal activity these individuals engage in before moving on to theft, robbery, and even murder. Street panhandlers are more likely to take part in such serious offences. It is simpler for them to commit theft and robbery since they learn the whereabouts and financial standing of the residents of the areas they frequent regularly.


One of the biggest problems in our culture is begging. To stop the same, the government must take tough measures.

Essay On Beggars In English  (400 Words)

Begging is one of the many issues that plague India. According to statistics, our nation is home to roughly 500,000 beggars. Here is a peek at the lives these beggars lead and the motivations for their decision to make begging their way of life.

Beggars Have a Poor Life

In India, beggars have a very difficult life. They are typically seen barefoot and dressed in unkempt, ripped attire. No matter the season, you can always see beggars dressed simply. It is heartbreaking to see little children seeking food and alms in harsh weather while wearing the barest essentials. In India, it’s also typical to see pregnant mothers and people holding little children in their arms while holding a bowl in their hand and pleading for money and food.

Older and physically challenged beggars are spotted sitting in wheelchairs and pleading with passersby for assistance. These panhandlers are homeless. Even the residents in the slum regions refuse to give them permission. They spend the most of their time begging on the sidewalk and working quite hard to make ends meet. Their situation is made worse by the terrible weather we see in our nation. Due to the harsh cold, heat, and rain, many of these beggars become ill and pass away.

The majority of beggars in India are in just as terrible of condition as they appear. However, many people who beg have amassed substantial sums of cash and are no longer in need. They have the means to live comfortably, but they opt to continue begging for money since it is what they do best. These folks not only beg themselves, but they also enlist the help of their entire family in this abhorrent activity. Most of these beggars force their children and grandchildren to beg despite having enough money to send them to school.

A Challenge to Differentiate Between Beggars

There are those beggars who actually lack the necessities of life and must beg to survive. They have no other way to get what they need. On the other hand, some beggars are well-off and physically capable of performing a variety of jobs to generate income. But they continue to prefer to beg since it provides them with easy money. People find it challenging to tell the difference between the genuine and the phoney in such a situation.


He must not use begging, whether he is in need or not. It is imperative that India’s government outlaw begging.

Essay On Beggars In English  (500 Words)

Begging is a serious issue, and it gets even worse when young children are involved. There are a lot of children begging in India. Most of these young people are denied of all this and are left with no choice but to beg for a living at a time when their minds ought to be fostered with love and care, given decent educations, and engaged in healthy activities. Those who beg are unable to see past their current endeavour. They frequently engage in beggaring activities with their wives, kids, grandchildren, and other family members.

India’s primary causes of child beggars

Here are some of the primary reasons why there are so many children begging in India:

Extreme Poverty
One of the biggest causes of being forced to beg is poverty. A person who starts begging rarely escapes it. His entire family participates in this industry with him. Young children are especially valued for this activity and are hence made to beg.

inadequate education
Another factor contributing to the increase in young beggars in our country is illiteracy. A well-educated person would never engage in this work and would never make his kids beg.

The increase in child beggars is also a result of India’s unemployment issue. People in this area believe that studying hard and earning degrees are useless because they won’t land excellent jobs because of the unemployment issue. They begin teaching their kids to beg at a young age because of this.

Homeless Community
Refugees who arrive in other nations for a variety of reasons often struggle to find employment and resort to begging to support themselves. They specifically send their kids out to beg, which breeds child beggars.

Child Abandonment
Many kids, especially girls, are given up by their family soon after birth. These kids frequently engage in begging because it’s the quickest way to earn food and cash.

Indian Religious Attitudes
Indians are by nature superstitious. They seldom ever refuse to give money to young beggars who are holding a bowl that contains images of God and oil. Giving money in this manner is said to fend off evil. Another reason why beggars send their kids to beg on the streets is because of this.

Begging Syndicates and Gangs
Those that run begging rackets think that children are a good catch. People often provide food and alms to young children who are in need of it because they feel sorry for them when they see their innocent features. As a result, these gang leaders seek out more and more kids to recruit them into beggining.


Concern has been expressed about the increase in child beggars by NGOs working to protect children’s rights and ensure that they are nurtured in a secure environment. But they are unable to resolve this issue without support and assistance from the Indian government. We hope the leadership of our nation recognises the seriousness of this issue and takes decisive action to address it. The broader public must work to discourage this behaviour as well.