Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English For Student And Children

Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English The best aspect of being a student is widely regarded as hostel living. Those who have had it attest to its efficacy, and those who haven’t wish they had. There are benefits and drawbacks to living in a hostel. The friendships, pleasure, and independence of dorm life are abundant. The students receive a variety of memories that they can remember forever. A student who has lived in a dorm is better at making judgements and developing opinions about numerous issues. Hostel life does, however, come with a number of drawbacks. It takes a lot of willpower to maintain your study and extracurricular activity routine when you’re independent and without a guardian.

Hostel Life


Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English

Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English (100 Words)

Living in a hostel is difficult but thrilling. It has a lot of benefits, but it also has its share of drawbacks. The distinction between a student who lives in a dorm and attends a regular school and one who lives with parents is obvious. Those who get the chance to stay in a hostel are probably going to grow bolder and more self-assured. However, they could potentially develop certain undesirable characteristics. Here are some pluses and minuses of living in a hostel. Another challenge of living in a dorm is resisting unhealthy temptations and harmful habits that could impair one’s health, career, and overall quality of life.

Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English (200 Words)

The era of living in a dorm is lovely. New students need a few days to become used to the hostel’s atmosphere. However, they quickly adjust to the situation and start a voyage that they will remember for a very long time.

Today’s kids are treated like royalty. They receive what they desire and receive the best treatment possible. Their parents are constantly there to take care of every small thing, from eating to sleeping to shopping. However, kids will need to learn to be more independent and less demanding if they enrol in a hostel and start living there. They have to meet all of their daily needs on their own.

They learn to do everything on their own, from shopping for necessities to ironing their clothes. Even though kids may occasionally find it challenging, it is also really wonderful to have discovered this sense of independence. They get the ability to handle numerous circumstances and make independent decisions about a range of issues. They get knowledge of the virtue and strength of friendship. Hostel living is where you make friendships that last a lifetime.

The majority of students dislike one aspect of living in a dorm, which is the food. Overall, though, it was a wonderful experience.

Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English (300 Words)

Due to his transferrable employment, my father must relocate to a different city every three years. The fact that different places use different study schedules and instructional strategies was having an impact on my academic performance. We learned that we had to relocate to a different city just as I was beginning to struggle to get adjusted to the teachers, pupils, and the school environment. My parents made the decision to enrol me in a hostel as a solution to this issue.

Hostel life gave me courage and self-assurance

Like any new student at the hostel, it took me a few weeks to emotionally settle in and adapt to my new surroundings as I started my life in the dorm. But I quickly adapted to the new environment and gained lots of friends. Before I entered the hostel three years ago, I used to be quite quiet and reserved. My parents had to provide for even the smallest of my needs.
But living in a hostel has made me a brave and self-assured person. I am now able to handle challenging circumstances with ease. I don’t readily panic or get emotional. I’ve grown into a strong individual.

For me, the hostel is like a second home.

As eager as I am to return home, I am also eager to return to the hostel as my trip comes to a conclusion. I can’t wait to see my buddies and resume living my life in that cramped hostel room. I really anticipate playing table tennis in the room where I may spend hours breaking records and hanging out with my pals on the hostel lawn to discuss about various topics. I now consider the hostel to be a second home.


I’ll sum up by saying that living in a hostel has been the nicest thing that has ever happened to me. It has permanently altered my personality.

Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English (400 Words)

If you ask a student living in a hostel if life there is good or unpleasant, he will list all the benefits and drawbacks of living there. On the other hand, if you ask an adult who has lived in a hostel, he is likely to recount his recollections with affection and claim that it was the best time of his life. This is due to the fact that while living in a hostel has its challenges, they are outweighed by the advantages it gives, and with time, we only remember the positive things. But every person’s experience will be unique.

Hostel life is generally pleasant

I’ve been residing in the hostel for about four years, and I’ve had a generally positive experience. I have a strong bond with my parents and have always been treated like a princess because I am the only kid. I have received a tremendous amount of love and attention from my parents and grandparents.
Because of this, my first few days in the hostel were really challenging. My parents enrolled me here while I was in the fifth grade. Up until that point, I had never gone even a single day without my mother. I found it exceedingly difficult to live without her. However, I quickly grew close to my housemates, and the fun journey started. I was lucky to live with roommates who shared my interests.

We gradually discovered that we had a lot in common and a wide range of topics to discuss. Since then, we have grown to be the best of friends. Together, we engage in a variety of activities, including playing, dancing, and studying. The greatest aspect of my hostel experience is their camaraderie.

I also adore how autonomous I’ve become as a result of living in a hostel. Before making any decisions regarding individuals or situations, I’ve learnt to watch and comprehend them. I now feel more assured thanks to this.

But I actually miss eating at home. In addition to being excited to see my family, I also look forward to the holidays because I miss my mother’s delicious cooking. The hostel also requires me to clean my bathroom and iron my clothes, two tasks I detest. But it is a necessary aspect of living in a hostel.


I would add as a conclusion that I am appreciative to my parents for allowing me to enjoy the great hostel life. Because of this, I have become more independent and mature.

Essay On Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life In English (500 Words)

The lifestyle in a hostel and the lifestyle at home are very different. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of living in a hostel as well as the challenges associated with it must be experienced by every student.

Home Life vs. Living in a Hostel

Here are some distinctions between living in a hostel and at home:

Regulations and Rules
Students are required to abide by a set of rules and regulations at hostels. The purpose of the hostel warden is to monitor everyone’s adherence to the regulations and level of discipline. At home, there aren’t any rigid regulations, though. In contrast to the warden, who is strict about the rules, even while our parents do establish some expectations for us, they frequently are flexible with them.

Internet usage
Internet usage is limited at the hostel. In contrast to our home, we are unable to take advantage of an unrestricted Wi-Fi connection. Most hostels permit students to access the internet for a few hours per day, and only for academic purposes. Despite the fact that many students now own smartphones, they do not have enough pocket money to subscribe to an unlimited data plan.

No food options
We have the freedom to do as we like at home. All we have to do is request the same thing from our mum. However, there isn’t a similar option in a hostel. Whether they like it or not, students who live in the hostel must eat the food that is served.

No Late Entries
Late-night returns by students to the hostel are prohibited. Therefore, they are unable to enjoy late-night gatherings or movies, in contrast to most of us who are fortunate to have parents who occasionally permit us to go out with friends late at night.

External Friends Not Permitted
Only when we are actually living in a hostel can we have fun with our fellow travellers. In particular, it is not permitted for girls to enter a dormitory for boys and vice versa. At home, there isn’t any such constraint, though.

Providing for Needs
At home, our parents are available to meet all of our needs. We don’t need to go shopping for everyday necessities or wash and iron our clothes. All of these tasks must be completed independently while staying in a hostel.

While we might occasionally become bored at home, there is no chance of this happening in a hostel because our friends are usually around and most of them are up to something entertaining.


I attended a traditional school up until the fifth grade while living at home, and I’ve spent the last five years living in a hostel. Based on my own experience, I can state that although home life and hostel life are both unique and have their own advantages and disadvantages, hostel life is always preferable because we learn so much from it. It is a wonderful event that positively affects us. A student who has resided in a dorm is more equipped to handle many problems in life.