Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English For Student And Children

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English Addictions are of many kinds. Some of the common addictions include drug addiction, alcohol addiction, internet addiction, gaming addiction and TV addiction. While these addictions are seen in people belonging to various age groups, the youth of India is more vulnerable to fall prey to these. Each of these addictions is equally damaging to our mental and physical well being. These addictions are ruining the future of the youth of India.

Addictions and Future of Youth of India

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English (100 Words)

Indian youth’s future is impacted by drug and alcohol addiction

The only things to which Indian adolescents are becoming addicted are drugs and alcohol. This is due to how readily available these items are in our nation. Many teenagers have these for the experience alone, but they quickly develop an addiction to them. There have been several incidents of teenage addiction to alcohol and drugs.

This is known as substance abuse and harms a person’s physical and mental health in ways that cannot be repaired. Adolescents who abuse drugs or alcohol run a significant chance of developing cancer, heart disease, lung disease, stroke, neurological breakdown, and other illnesses. Depression and rage problems are other consequences. Life is in danger because to the addiction.

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English (200 Words)

Everyone desires happiness. Nobody wants to feel depressed and alone. Each and every one of us seeks happiness in some way, especially the nation’s youth. They develop an addiction to everything that makes them feel good. It may be a narcotic, a video game, a cell phone, or something else entirely for some people. They frequently overindulge in everything that is readily available to them and become almost immediately addicted to it.

The rising addiction rates among young people can be attributed to people’s changing lifestyles. People used to live in large families together in the past. The joint family system was common in our nation. Family members connected with one another and shared all of their happiness and sadness.

Today, however, domestic helpers frequently leave small children alone. Their parents don’t spend enough time interacting with them and teaching them moral principles. Children spend the majority of their time playing mobile games and watching TV, developing a dependence on both. Teenagers frequently begin using drugs as a way to cope with the pressure of scholastic competition. They quickly get dependent on them. Different kinds of addiction are posing a threat to India’s youth.

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English (300 Words)

Drug addiction is a widespread issue. Young people all around the world are known to use various types of drugs. Unfortunately, a significant portion of drug-using youth come from India. This is due to the fact that our nation’s foundation is corruption. In India, drug trafficking is a widespread occurrence. Drug dealers target our nation’s youth in order to boost their sales. They frequently prey on young individuals, ruining their future.

India’s youth are most negatively impacted by drug abuse.

Different medications have varying effects on our senses. While some boost our self-esteem and stimulate our brains, others dull it, while still others elevate us to an other level and frequently result in hallucinations. All drugs provide a brief high, thus drug users continuously use them to maintain their happy state of mind. They are unaware of the harm it is doing to them.

Drug-dependent young people in India are ruining their lives. The worst sort of addiction is a drug addiction. It contributes to many physical and mental disorders. Drug-dependent young people frequently experience depression. They try to use additional medicines in order to deal with stress and sadness. They never manage to escape their addiction; they just keep going in circles. They experience a loss of control and become exposed. Many of them engage in various forms of criminal activity or commit suicide.

Organ damage and stroke are two common medical concerns among drug addicts.

Centers for Rehabilitation for Drug Addiction

In India, numerous rehab facilities have been established to assist people in overcoming their drug addiction. Drug addiction is a significant issue. It cannot be disregarded. Anyone struggling with this issue should be admitted to a reputable rehab facility where they may obtain the help they need to overcome their addiction.

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English (400 Words)

The adage “excess of anything is bad” is true. Excessive use of anything is bad. Everything need to have a limit. Adults are capable of setting boundaries that the country’s children rarely can since they are mature. Young folks enjoy exploring new things and achieving more. If they direct their energy in the proper direction, this is a positive thing.

But regrettably, the majority of the time, the things that catch young people’s interest aren’t particularly beneficial for their future, and before they realise it, they become addicted to them. Among the most prevalent addictions affecting young people in India include those to drugs, mobile devices, alcohol, video games, and television.

Addiction’s effects on Indian youths’ mental health

People become dependent on certain items because they enjoy the peculiar and calming effects they have on their minds. They are unaware that this effect is transient and that it could ultimately have negative long-term effects. Addictions of all kinds have a negative impact on the mental health of young people in India. Following are some ways that various types of addictions might affect a person’s mental health:

It reduces mental activity. An addict is unable to make rapid, wise decisions and cannot think clearly.
An addict is more likely to grow irritable and act aggressively.
Hallucinations can be brought on by certain addictions, including drug and alcohol addiction.
A person’s sleep patterns are disrupted by addictions. Lack of sleep is a common complaint of addicts. Many of them experience sleep problems.
Over time, an addict is prone to experience despair and social isolation.
Addiction’s effects on Indian youth’s physical health

The effects of various addictions on a person’s physical health vary. Here are a few examples:

Red, itchy, and swollen eyes are common complaints among mobile and TV users.
Additionally, these addicts get regular headaches and migraines.
These addicts have a high risk of contracting illnesses including obesity and cardiovascular ailments.
Drug users are more prone to experience more severe health problems, such as liver and kidney damage, cancer, lung troubles, brain stroke, and hypertension, to mention a few.


As a result, addictions among young people are contributing to a variety of physical and mental health issues. Although many of these issues begin to look minor, they eventually worsen and become potentially fatal. To salvage the future of India’s youth, it is crucial to address them as soon as possible.

Essay On Addictions and Future of Youth of India In English (500 Words)

It has been noted that youngsters in India between the ages of 10 and 19 suffer from a variety of addictions. The young minds that make up this age group in India are overworked by studies. They make an effort to live up to their parents’ and teachers’ expectations. If they do not conduct correctly or receive good grades, they are reprimanded and made to feel humiliated.

This has a negative psychological effect. Many of them attempt to find a way out of these issues since they can’t take the stress. They use a variety of methods to cope with the stress, and soon these methods develop into dangerous addictions.

Parents must mentor their kids.

In India, many students turn to drug use as a stress reliever. Through their buddies at school and in colleges, they have access to drugs. They enjoy the effects that these drugs have on them and see it as a way to get away from their everyday issues. They quickly get dependent on them.

Parents have a responsibility to protect their children away from these harmful substances. It’s time to accept that the intense rivalry in schools and colleges is harming rather than enhancing the youth’s future. The students are under stress and anxiety due to the intense competition. Parents shouldn’t be concerned with their kids getting good grades in class.

Instead, the focus should be on developing a youngster who can tell the difference between right and wrong and is healthy and knowledgeable. Parents must mentor their kids and support them through every step. They should improve their abilities while also being aware of their level. They shouldn’t stress them with coursework or other demands like this. They have to stay in constant contact with their kids.

In order to prevent their children from developing any form of addiction, parents should monitor their children’s activities. Any sign or form of addiction should not be disregarded. It needs to be resolved right away. Parents must realise that yelling at their kids and pressuring them to break a habit won’t help. Any type of addiction must be eliminated gradually. Parents need to support their kids through this. To aid their children in kicking the habit, they should offer them support and counselling.

Schools and colleges must conduct awareness campaigns.

Additionally, schools must implement particular campaigns to educate pupils about the negative effects of various addictions. These programmes ought to emphasise both the immediate effects of various addictions and their long-term effects.

Both positive and negative behaviours are easily learned by young children. They will abstain from engaging in the same when they become aware of the drawbacks of addiction to drugs, mobile devices, video games, and other vices.

Schools need to place less emphasis on academic learning and more emphasis on teaching kids excellent habits.


If Indian youth are led in the right direction by their elders, they can avoid many addictions and easily overcome them.