Essay On Addiction of Junk Food In English For Student And Children

Essay On Addiction of Junk Food In English Essay On Addiction of Junk Food In English


The past few years have seen a rise in popularity of junk food. Sugary drinks, pizza, fried foods, hamburgers, chips, and noodles are a few examples of junk food. The addicted population is primarily urban and makes up about 90% of the total population.

Junk Food

Essay On Addiction of Junk Food In English

Impact of Fast Foods

Various illnesses are brought on by junk food in our body. Obesity is the most prominent impact that is noticeable. It causes more heart problems and more body fat. Additionally, it can lead to headaches, depression, acne, and tooth issues at an early age. Junk food consumption is frequently a contributing factor to health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.

swapping out junk food

Junk food can be replaced with organic and healthy meals. Black chocolate, Sweet potato wedges, yoghurt, dried fruits, fruit juice, etc. are a few of the best alternatives to junk food. Although they have the same taste as junk food, these are healthy for us. They preserve our health and give us the right nutrients.


Junk food is delicious, but it’s detrimental for our health and way of life. It causes a lot of issues and could result in untimely death. The fact that they are indigestible and lodged un our bodies is the worst thing about them.