Essay On Addiction In English For Student And Children

Essay On Addiction In English Anything addiction is terrible, whether it involves a substance, a person, or a habit. The person who is genuinely addicted to anything realises how tough it is to stop, even when everyone around them may suggest doing so.

It can be tough to overcome addiction, and some forms may even be contagious. Therefore, your addiction may have a negative effect on others close to you in addition to spoiling you. Anybody could be the culprit—your kids, siblings, or friends. For your exam’s topic on addiction, you can find essays of varied lengths here. You can choose any essay on addiction that interests you:


Essay On Addiction In English

Essay On Addiction In English (100 Words)

Addiction to Food

Many people become dependent on the flavour of particular items, such as a particular brand of chips, a burger from a specific restaurant, a pizza with a unique flavour, noodles, or just about anything. Some people can consume anything spicy since they are addicted to consuming spicy cuisine. Similar to this, some people always seek sweets because they have a sweet tooth. Even when they are not hungry, they nevertheless seek these foods and overeat because of their addiction. People are typically addicted to unhealthy food items. It can be harmful to one’s health to overeat and engage in bad eating patterns frequently.

Essay On Addiction In English (200 Words)

Different people become ensnared in different forms of addictions. Usually, our business and the environment play a big part in it. Before engaging in such practises, people are aware of the negative effects, but they nevertheless do. People are aware that drugs are bad for them and that it is very possible that they may become addicted to them.

However, they frequently feel the temptation to test things out only out of curiosity or to momentarily relieve their discomfort, assuming that they would only use them once or twice before becoming addicted. Similar to this, people are aware that if they start playing video games after work, they will become addicted and won’t be able to stop, but they continue to do so, wasting their time.

Whether it be a drug addiction, a cellphone addiction, a gambling addiction, a social media addiction, or a shopping addiction, overcoming any addiction can be challenging. Although there are therapies for many conditions, it may take months or years to completely eradicate them. After days, weeks, months, or even years of sobriety, many people go back to their addiction because it provides them with an outlet. Therefore, it is advised to prevent them in the first place. To lead a healthy and meaningful life, avoid such lifelong practises.

Essay On Addiction In English (300 Words)

Addiction has the power to make us uninterested in everything around us and fixated on a single object. This specific item could be a substance, a device, the internet, a food item, gambling, or just about anything else. Any addiction can have a negative impact on our lives.

The Roots of Addiction

Break Free from Pain
Drunkenness, drugs, social media, excessive buying, and eating our favourite foods all relieve tension and offer comfort. These are used by consumers as temporary pain relievers. If we don’t take timely precautions, these behaviours could develop into addiction.

Our daily routines and overall personalities are greatly influenced by our work and social environments. We are more likely to adopt that habit if we hang out with folks who regularly party and binge drink. In the same way, if your buddies frequently shop, you are probably going to start doing the same.

Lack of Information
People can lack awareness regarding the effects of engaging in a certain game or ingesting a certain chemical. They indulge in it for fun and end up becoming dependent on it.

Methods to Prevent Addiction

It is simpler to prevent addiction of any kind than to break the behaviour later. Here’s how to go about it:

At all times, remain vigilant and observant. Before consuming anything on a regular basis, find out if it can cause addiction.
Pick your business carefully.
You must use self control to avoid it, even if members of your family or circle of friends are hooked to drugs, alcohol, or any other habit that could be addicting. In essence, exercising self-control will help you prevent it.
Instead of using these short-term solutions to get relief from your discomfort, consider healthy alternatives.


Any addiction has a detrimental effect on both our physical and mental health. Therefore, we must discover the root causes of various types of addiction and prevent them by implementing the aforementioned steps.

Essay On Addiction In English (400 Words)

The term “addiction” refers to a complex brain condition that can result from engaging excessively in a particular behaviour or object. In a pathological connection in which preoccupation replaces people, addiction is a relationship, according to Patrick Carnes. Anything that causes obsession is referred to as an addiction. Any addiction, whether to drugs, the internet, social media, or gaming, has the potential to be lethal.

Anything addiction is bad.

Different factors can make different people addicted. Some people may become addicted to chatting to or spending time with someone they are obsessed with; others may become hooked to shooting selfies and bragging about themselves on social media; still others may become addicted to shopping and visit markets and malls in order to acquire pointless items. Usually, our environment and workplace have a significant part in the emergence of such addictions.

Although people are aware of the negative effects of addiction, they are unable to stop themselves from engaging in it. The worst type of addiction is drug dependence. People typically pick up this behaviour in their early years and are unable to break it later in life, despite their best efforts. To treat drug addiction, several different therapies have been created. But no amount of therapies or treatments will be able to relieve someone of their lack of self control if they don’t practise it.

India Without Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction is common among young people in India. Their mental and physical health suffer as a result of this. Drug addiction not only hurts the addict, but also his entire family. Additionally, this practise wrecks havoc on a person’s work life. While we talk about empowering our kids and hope they will help our nation progress, on the other side, we see hundreds of young people whose lives are being destroyed by drug and alcohol addiction.

Sensitization of young people to this issue is necessary. In order to put an end to these behaviours, the government must also do its part by outlawing the selling of such chemicals. Anyone caught attempting to sell these unlawfully must face harsh penalties.


It’s time to take responsibility into your own hands and refuse drugs, or any type of addiction for that matter. If we are unwilling to help ourselves, neither the government nor our friends and family can do much to assist us.

Essay On Addiction In English (500 Words)

Any sort of addiction can negatively impact both the victim and his or her family. According to a popular saying, addiction runs in families. Even if only one family member uses, everyone suffers.

Repercussions of Addiction

Here are a few examples of how addiction can have negative effects:

Health Risks
Everyone is aware of the health risks linked to drug and alcohol addiction. These are detrimental to both your physical and mental wellbeing. Food addiction leads to eating disorders and a range of health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. Other types of addictions have a detrimental effect on health as well.

monetary problems
When you are dependent on something, you spend a lot of money on it. You are so fixated on it that you are unaware of your excessive expenditure. It may burn a hole in your wallet and ruin your financial plan. Gambling, drug, and alcohol addicts frequently borrow money to feed their addictions and wind up in debt as a result.

Relationship Issues
Drug and alcohol addicts frequently experience loss of control and engage in pointless disputes with others around them, which strains their relationships. Social media and internet addicts spend so much time on their phones that they neglect and ignore their family. Gambling addicts frequently feel frustrated, which has a severe impact on their interpersonal relationships.

Negative Impact on Studies or Work
One’s schooling and professional life are also hampered by addiction. When you are dependent on anything, it consumes all of your thoughts. Your grabbing power significantly decreases as you lose focus. In addition to drugs and alcohol, mobile addiction has a significant negative impact on work today.

Methods to End Addiction

Even if the negative effects of addiction are frequently emphasised, people nonetheless develop addictions to a variety of substances. Despite the fact that individuals temporarily enjoy doing these things, they are aware of their negative health effects. Those who are working extremely hard to overcome any kind of addiction can try the following:

You must realise that you cannot simply decide to stop abusing substances one day. You’ll have to go cautiously. Don’t rush; take your time. Setting a deadline for quitting your addiction is a wonderful idea. You’ll remain motivated as a result.
When attempting to overcome your addiction, be persistent and take things one step at a time.
It is advised to figure out what makes you indulge in that habit and stay away from the trigger. Additionally, figure out what makes you act differently and address that.
If you’re trying to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction, it’s a good idea to receive expert assistance.
Your family and friends are ready to help you in this endeavour at all times. Ask them for assistance.

Any addiction affects our judgement and preferences. When we are addicted to something, our primary concentration is the thing or habit that we are addicted to, which prevents us from thinking clearly. This has detrimental effects on both our personal and professional relationships. It is advised to stay away from these in the first place, but if you do end up becoming addicted, the aforementioned advice can help you get rid of them.