Essay On A Picnic with Family In English For Student And Children

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English A retreat is necessary if you want to get away from the busyness of everyday life. What could be more fun than a picnic with relatives we don’t get to see enough? A picnic not only enables us to clear our minds but also to discover new areas and share cuisine with our loved ones.

How the picnic went

We brought our food to the park and made the decision to eat it in the designated picnic space that we had rented for the day. After lunch, we fed the ducks and squirrels and then took a stroll along the trail while sitting by the brook.

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English (100 Words)

In order to escape from the hustle and bustle of the routine life, a retreat is a must. What can be more enjoyable than a picnic time with family with whom we do not get to spend enough time? A picnic not only freshens up the mind, but also helps us to explore new places and enjoy food with our family.

The Picnic – How It Was

We chose the community park of our locality that is situated right beside the limpid brook. The park had a children’s play area where the kids of our family played on slides, swings and other play equipments.

We carried our lunch to the park and decided to have it at the separate picnic area, which we had reserved for that day. After lunch, we sat near the brook, fed the ducks and squirrels and took a walk along the trail. The sunset seen above the brook during twilight was magical and we returned before it was dark.

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English (200 Words)

My father decided on the route and pick-up time with the vehicle driver while my mother, my sister, and I prepared extra clothing, towels, and dry food. At 8 am, we left, and at 9.30 am, we arrived at the water park. While I went inside to buy the refreshments, my father took the tickets.

My mother made sure we had a hearty meal of bread and butter, noodles, and egg benedicts once we entered, and we then put our luggage in the lockers and freshened up in the bathroom. After that, we made the decision to check out the playground where kids were swinging and sliding. Swans were wandering the area, and we fed them bread crumbs. Then we looked about the garden area, which had several annual, perennial, and ornamental plants planted in various locations. Mother was overjoyed to see the rose beds and cactus in the greenhouse because she is a huge gardening enthusiast.

We made the decision to cool off in the spacious pool area as the temperature rose. We had a lot of fun leaping at the splash pad area and splashing water on each other because it was a weekday and there weren’t many people around. We hauled my folks into the water despite their slight reluctance.

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English (300 Words)

A family picnic seemed like a strange concept to me as I struggled to balance my workload and other tasks. All I wanted was a quiet family vacation away from the crowds, where the sound of the city would not be audible and the air would be clean. Finding such a location was not too difficult because living in the country offers numerous exquisite locations that have not yet been explored.

The Much-anticipated Picnic

We made the decision to make the most of our holiday on the outskirts in a nature park over the Christmas holiday weekend. The nature park was less congested and provided us with the opportunity to secure a campsite so that we could spend the night and have a picnic because most people tended to congregate in urban areas to fully experience Christmas.
The picnic place was peaceful, with just the chirping of the birds breaking the stillness. It was surrounded by a tall pine grove. We made sure to take a bath in the pool formed beneath the waterfall because the neighbouring murmuring cascade added to the forest’s attractiveness. All of the family members found the trip to the falls to be simple, but my small nephew in particular was overwhelmed.

After a revitalising swim, we soon became hungry, and with the help of my mother, we satisfied our appetites with scrumptious sandwiches. Our meal was scrumptious thanks to the chicken that my brother and his wife were busy cooking in the meantime.


We all yearned for a family picnic away from the bustle of the city to experience life on a different level. Our trip was made delightful by a tiny, rustic campsite with a barbeque and a picnic area, and the bonus was the cool dip in the pool.

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English (400 Words)

Although sunny days are the most convenient for excursions, monsoon showers have their own allure, and I’ve long wanted to experience rain on a family expedition. Being an avid hiker and photographer, I share my parents’ and grandparents’ passion for seeing new places. It was the ideal opportunity to plan an excursion that would refresh our minds and allow us to fully appreciate the wonder of the showers because my sister, who lives in another city, had come to stay with us for her holiday.
An excursion to the Blue Mountains

The primary draw of choosing the Blue Mountains or Western Ghats for the family excursion was the Neelakurinji flower, which blooms after a cycle of twelve years. All the family members liked observing the rain-soaked delicate green plantation beside the road as they took the lengthy, winding drive through Kodaikanal.

As we approached the picnic area, the purple Neelakurinji carpet along the hill slopes flashed before our eyes. We started out to explore the forests through which we would go in order to reach the slopes of the Neelakurinji flower meadows after freshening up at the picnic area’s restroom. By that time, the rain had stopped, and a mysterious mist rose from the summits of the mountains.

Although the ground was moist, there was no water buildup, which made it simple for us to hike through the grassland. As the quantity of flowers grew, we eventually found ourselves in a purple meadow with no sign of the soil beneath.

Before making the long hike back to the picnic place, we took some time to carefully photograph this unusual bloom. The picnic area’s manager welcomed us with steaming coffee and crunchy veggie chops from a nearby coffee farm. Fried rice, chilli chicken, and fried veggies that were grown locally on a farm made up the lunch.

While enjoying the fruit custard that the caretaker’s wife had made, we spent a few more hours watching the rain fall in the mountains. The couple also discussed with us his farms and the picnic area, which attracts a lot of visitors on public holidays. We bid farewell, promising to meet again someday, and returned home.


A vacation from the normal of life not only brought serenity to our minds, but also enabled each of us to spend quality time with the other, which is not possible with our regular schedules. With the Neelakurinjis, the Western Ghat excursion was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Essay On A Picnic with Family In English (500 Words)

My brain had grown weary from studying for so many exams, and I was desperate for some downtime with my family. After the last exam, I made the decision to phone my elderly uncle who lives in another city and ask him to bring his family over because neither my family nor they had been on any family outings in the previous few years. My uncle resides in another city.

Choosing the Location

The seniors wanted to go to the riverside picnic area, while my cousin screamed for the city memorial park and my tiny nephew and niece jumped for the waterpark. Finally, my sister-in-law and I proposed that they visit a farm in the countryside where my cousin could take photos, kids could engage with the animals, and parents could tour the property. As soon as they all leapt, I called the farm owner to confirm our picnic visit the following day.

The Route

We finally departed in our car after waking up early and getting ready for the picnic expedition. The owner had confirmed our visit on that particular day and had also specified the best way to go to his farm. We quickly finished the breakfast that my mother and aunt had packed for us. We took a detour off the well-maintained city roadway to get to the farm’s location on the outskirts. We were charmed till we arrived at the farm by the pasture fields on both sides of the road and the country homes.

The Picnic and the Farm

We were greeted by the friendly old owner who was standing in front of the gate. His friendliness put us all at ease right away. He led us to the rustic cottage, where we relaxed in front of the brick fireplace. Before he took us to the petting farm, he offered us fresh bread and cakes.

The sight of the enormous cocks and chickens, bunnies, cows, buffalos, ponies, and horses running around in the open made my nephew and niece scream with delight. Additionally, we received grains from the owner to feed the birds and grass for the animals. The pony rides, though, were the finest part and the kids loved them.

While my mother and aunt were busy in the barn kitchen preparing the lunch, my uncle and father stayed with the children and animals. The owner let me, my cousin, and my sister-in-law tour his expansive farm while he planted radishes, grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, and sunflowers.

He let us to select the vegetables and fruits because it was harvest season, and we could use them to make lunch specials with only farm-fresh eggs and meat. We all opted to chat with the owner after sharing a delicious meal at the large table, have a stroll about the farm, and pet the animals, before departing for home feeling calm and at ease.


Our busy schedules prevent us from seeing the family on a regular basis, but a last-minute picnic idea got us all together to visit a new location, have endless conversations, and eat together.