Essay On A Journey by Train  In English For Student And Children

Essay On A Journey by Train  In English Train rides may be fun, educational, and relaxing. In fact, one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to travel big distances is by train. Many of my finest memories were created when travelling by rail to various locations. The trips there were the most enjoyable and exhilarating of my life. I’ve always been curious about better things after seeing villages, civilizations, and residences as I travelled quickly across the countryside.


Essay On A Journey by Train  In English

Essay On A Journey by Train  In English (100 Words)

It’s amazing how learning about different cultures, geographies, languages, and cuisines can be enhanced by taking a train. The journey is similar to reading a book that has everything you need to keep you occupied until you get there. The possibility to engage with people from very diverse linguistic and ethnic backgrounds is another benefit of travelling by train.
Train rides are a lot of fun, especially when you’re travelling with pals. My voyage by train from Delhi to Jaipur is among my favourite trips. We were all quite thrilled about the school trip. We had many plans for the vacation, and we were especially excited to have fun on the way.

Essay On A Journey by Train  In English (200 Words)

By six in the morning, we had all arrived at the train station, and the train left shortly after. To admire the view outside, I sat at the window seat. The vista of the huts, muddy roads, and green fields was beautiful. My closest friend sat next to me, and we talked while gazing out the window.

Breakfast would soon be ready. I adored the bread and cutlets that were given in the train. After a platter of bread and cutlets, we also had hot tomato soup. We all agreed that we would play antakshari after breakfast. Antakshari is always enjoyable to play in large groups. The fun was increased by the participation of our professors. We continued to play antakshari for the rest of the voyage, and before we knew it, we had arrived. The experience was wonderful. This train ride was even more enjoyable because I was with my buddies.
Shimla is a stunning hill station, but what’s even more spectacular is the train ride from Kalka to Shimla on the unique toy train that travels this route. The path it follows is just captivating. Without taking this train, a trip to Shimla is not complete. In order to experience this much anticipated train journey, we pre-purchased our tickets as we made plans to travel to Shimla.

Essay On A Journey by Train  In English (300 Words)

Taking the Toy Train to get to Shimla

During the break in the fall of last year, we visited Shimla. Bus transportation brought us to Kalka, where we boarded the toy train for Shimla. It turned out to be far more thrilling and exciting than I had anticipated. I had assumed it would be like a typical train ride with views of some mountains and valleys. We travelled surrounded by nature the entire time. We experienced a true sense of nature as the train travelled through the Alps, providing us more than simply a glimpse of the mountains, valleys, and surrounding flora.

I had a wonderful time the entire five or six-hour trip. There were many tunnels and bridges along the route, which enhanced the journey. The route included almost a hundred tunnels and about 800 bridges. Throughout the entire trip, I sat at the window to observe the outside world. We also got off the train when it halted at a station along route. The train halted there for only about ten minutes in a minor station.

I had my parents and brother with me. They took as much pleasure in the vacation as I did. We took the same train on the way back as well.


The best train ride I’ve ever taken was in fact this one. I adore being in the outdoors. I found it to be even more enjoyable because of this. I would really like to take this path once more.
In my second grade year, I took my first train trip. We had to travel to Dehradun to attend my maternal aunt’s wedding. There was elation and excitement as the word spread. My father started organising our travel, while my mother started choosing the gowns she would wear to the wedding. We and a few of our family have opted to travel by train. Since I had never taken a train before, I was very excited about the trip.

Essay On A Journey by Train  In English (400 Words)

Train rides are convenient, cosy, and exciting. It is an experience all on its own. When I take the train, I don’t have a rush to get there; instead, I take my time and enjoy the experience. In addition to having numerous new experiences, I have met a lot of friends while travelling by train.

Benefits of Traveling by Train

Train travel has a lot of benefits. Below are a few of these benefits:

The comfort and convenience that trains provide is one of its key benefits. Traveling by train gives you the choice to lie down and sleep, unlike travelling by car, bus, or aeroplane. Thus, an overnight rail trip is far more convenient than one by automobile or bus. It is possible to have a sound night’s sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated.
There are no baggage limitations. While travelling by rail, one is not limited to a certain amount of luggage, unlike while flying where there is.
Long trips are more comfortable on trains since they have restrooms.
On a laptop, one can comfortably study or work while travelling by train. As a result, the time spent travelling can be used productively.
Comparing trains to taxis and aeroplanes, they are far more affordable. Long distance travel is reasonably priced.
The Drawbacks of Train Travel

There are a number of benefits to using the train, but there are also some drawbacks. Here are some of these drawbacks:

The necessity to plan the trip and reserve the tickets far in advance of the trip is one of the main drawbacks of taking the train. This is very different from travelling by car or bus, where one can plan the trip and leave the following day.
It can be difficult to book the ticket. For hours, people must wait in line at the train station to purchase tickets. Online train ticket purchasing takes a lot of time because the website can occasionally lag owing to high traffic.
Although there are restrooms and washrooms on the trains, they are not as sanitary and clean as they should be.
For a variety of causes, trains frequently experience delays. This can be very irritating and draining.
Train travel times are substantially longer than those of aeroplanes. Those who need to go somewhere quickly should not choose it.
My Railroad Travel Experience

I’ve travelled by train a lot since I was a young child. Along with my family, friends, and other relatives, I have visited Mount Abu, Udaipur, Varanasi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bombay, and many more locations.

Essay On A Journey by Train  In English (500 Words)

With both my family and friends, I have taken numerous train trips. Train travel is convenient and entertaining. Because of the experiences they provide, I will always choose train travels over car vacations. On these excursions, I had many wonderful recollections. I’ve enjoyed every train trip I’ve had, but the one from Delhi to Goa will always hold a special place in my heart.

travel between Delhi and Goa

In my seventh grade year, I travelled to Goa with my classmates. The school organised the excursion. My parents finally consented to send me on the trip after considerable convincing. The majority of my friends also received their parents’ approval. We had a tonne of enjoyable activities planned for the trip.

Along with viewing the sights and having a good time with my companions, I was looking forward to the train ride. Between Delhi and Goa, the train ride took about 1.5 days. I had never travelled farther than I did now. I was eagerly anticipating it.

I was delivered to the station by my parents. Since this was the first time I had travelled this far without them, they were a little concerned. I obeyed my mother’s last-minute instructions and nodded as I awaited the train. At around five in the evening, we departed from Delhi. One of my buddies joined me as I sat by the window.

travelling with companions

Taking a trip with friends is always enjoyable. With my companions, I had visited Jaipur, Nanital, and Shimla. Our school organised every one of these excursions. All of these visits involved taking the train, and while we enjoyed ourselves immensely while doing so, none of them required as much travel. Most of these trips involved overnight travel. However, we rode in a train for one night and one and a half days on the way to Goa.

For the first two to three hours of the trip, I remained seated by the window. The view outside was magnificent. As it grew darker, I joined my pals in playing silly charades. Up until dinnertime, we continued to play this game. We talked after supper until late at night. We talked about our experiences, told amusing tales, and imitated our teachers. It was all quite enjoyable. I had a restful night’s sleep and a late awakening.

I woke up nearly immediately after the breakfast was delivered. After eating breakfast, I went and stood by the half-opened train door. Outside, there was a lovely view. I adore nature, and I could spend all day just gazing at the trees, hills, and bodies of water. It provides a lovely sensation and calms and pleases my senses.

I remained motionless for a while. I was joined there by one of my buddies. We talked about our love of travel and the outdoors while taking in the scenery. The rest of the day was spent playing games, eating, and chatting. At around eleven at night, we arrived in Goa.


It was a great experience taking the train. I had a great time and had many wonderful memories along the road.